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Amazing But True: Netflix More Popular Than DVR

17 Mar

For years, cable and satellite TV service providers have used the DVR as a major competitive advantage. But, today, streaming services are changing the playing field. To the dismay of TV service providers, channels, and their advertisers, a huge number of customers are cutting the TV cord and turning to Amazon, Netflix, and other streaming subscriptions for their content — aided by smart TV sets as well as plug-in devices that can allow people to stream video content on their sets.

It may be hard to believe, given the dominance of the DVR just a few years ago, but today, slightly more U.S. households (and growing) have access to Netflix than to a DVR — according to Leichtman Research Group. The Leichtman study findings are summarized in the following Statista chart.


Dish Ad-Skipping Lawsuit to Proceed in California

10 Jul

As we posted in May, Dish Network has introduced a new DVR that zaps out ads. Clearly, this is not in the best interest of the advertising community — which already worries about people fast-forwarding through commercials when they watch recorded shows. This emerging technology is a real threat to ad-based programming.

As a result, TV networks and their advertisers have been pushing back against this service. Yesterday, as noted by Hollywood Reporter, a federal judge located in New York  “ruled that Fox, NBC, and CBS should be allowed to pursue their high-profile legal dispute over Dish Network’s controversial ad-skipping device in California.”

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New DVR to Fully Zap Out Ads

11 May

The Hopper from Dish Network is a consumer’s dream — setting up programs that are DVRed to not only skip commercials during playback but to blank them out — and a marketer’s nightmare. Big battles will be coming. Look at this story in today’s Wall Street Journal for an interesting perspective.

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