The Hopper from Dish Network is a consumer’s dream — setting up programs that are DVRed to not only skip commercials during playback but to blank them out — and a marketer’s nightmare. Big battles will be coming. Look at this story in today’s Wall Street Journal for an interesting perspective.

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    1. The DVR doesn’t arrive until tmororow. The current incarnation of Tivo doesn’t work with DirecTV, and IMNSHO DirecTV is superior to Dish and Comcast cable so switching is not an option. We’ve been recording TV shows in the other rooms on VHS and watching in the family room when we get around to it. The quality isn’t that great, and I had to buy a head cleaner last weekend, but overall it worked for us.Now we will be able to either record one show while watching another live, or record two shows while watching a recording. Anything we can’t catch that way, we’ll have to still record on the VCR.One thing I’d like to be able to do is record on one DVR and watch on another, but I don’t think the DirecTV version has that capability.

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