Service providers especially rely on great customer experiences for their continued success. Yet, unlike with many physical products, service performance tends to be more intangible.  In this post, we look at one specific service sector — customer satisfaction with cable TV.

Furthermore, we know that customer expectations greatly affect customer satisfaction.


How Providers Compare: Customer Satisfaction With Cable TV

Cable TV providers engender a mixed bag of customer satisfaction. Why? Pricing. Bundled channels. Growing competition from streaming services. And more.

For information on the topic, we turn to

All of the following represent essential questions for customers to address. Customer service and satisfaction matter much more than we give them credit for. Especially when things go wrong. Competitors look to capitalize on another company’s inability to keep customers happy. 

Customer Satisfaction With Cable TV

Customer satisfaction is one of those subjective things that everyone knows when they see it. But they might find hard to define. People will know if they are satisfied but often might not understand why or why not. While we do not necessarily say we can provide a perfect definition, when comparing and ranking providers, we looked at the following.

Customer Satisfaction With Cable TV

Best and Worst Performers — In terms of exact ranking, we decided to avoid assigning specific numbers due to the already subjective nature of the task. Customer satisfaction depends on the customer. And different companies excel in different fields. Rest assured, however, that as a rule, a company did not make either list here without being notable in some regard. also,  no company, in our opinion, has an infuriating flaw if it makes our top providers list. [Note: If your provider does not show up, it is neither the best nor the worst.]

Customer Satisfaction With Cable TV


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