Earlier this year, we highlighted Adverity’s E-Commerce Analytics Handbook. Throughout this handbook, online customer service is included. Therefore, we now look at crafting an E-commerce customer service strategy.


Tips for Crafting an E-Commerce Customer Service Strategy

According to Asia Premier One Source:

As more people find the convenience and ease of shopping online, E-commerce stores would need to step up their customer service efforts. In order to retain and attract more customers. When online store representatives fail to respond immediately to inquiries or concerns, business will lose their trust.

Statistics show that 68% of customers will pay more for products and services from companies with strong customer service. This proves that it’s not enough that you offer excellent products or services and rely on those alone to capture and build loyal customers.

When it comes to E-commerce, there are no set business hours . Thus, your online customer service, which covers every touchpoint and engagement you have with your customers, is arguably your most important marketing tool . Since it directly interacts with them. If you want to grow your base and increase retention, you need to master customer service.

Given the above, we aim to enlighten and guide E-commerce businesses to develop an effective customer service strategy that suits their goals and objectives.

For several tips, view the following infographic. To read a more in-depth discussion, click on the infographic.


Crafting an E-Commerce Customer Service Strategy

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