As we have reported before, influencer marketing is growing in popularity. Thereby, enhancing relationships among companies, influencers, and customers. This means certain celebrity influencers make big bucks on Instagram.


2021 Top Ten: Celebrity Influencers Make Big Bucks on Instagram

For decades, celebrities have generated lots of income from commercial endorsements. Especially so for popular athletes and entertainers. Nowadays, we add reality stars and social media stars to this list. To see how lucrative this may be for influencers, read on.

Below, we focus on influencer marketing via Instagram.

Accordingly, we turn to the Hopper HQ annual earnings report. The 2021 report includes 395 influencers with earnings derived from Instagram posts. As it notes: 

We’re celebrating five years of the Instagram Rich List! ✨ Yes, that’s right – five years of the Instagram Rich List! This year we’ve seen women continue to dominate the leaderboard, accounting for 56% of the highest-earning influencers on Instagram in 2021. We’ve also seen enormous growth in the representation of influencers in Africa and Asia, with influencers from these locations making up 25% of the overall list in 2021. What’s more, this is the first year that a Kardashian or Jenner hasn’t made it into the top 3, with Ariana Grande knocking Kylie Jenner to fourth place.

The 💰 2021 Instagram Rich List! 💰 is based on internal data, agency rate cards, and public information. You can now find out just how much your favorite Instagram stars earn for their sponsored posts.

Based Hopper data, Statista compiled the following infographic:

Cristian Ronaldo earns the most of any Instagram influencer per sponsored post, raking in an average of $1.6 million every time. This is far from a freak situation, either. As our infographic shows, many celebrities are able to pull in sums north of a million when selling their influence. Actor and ex-WWE wrestler Dwayne Johnson can expect to earn $1.5 million for such posts, while Ariana Grande is the most expensive woman on the list, joining five others in the top ten.

Celebrity Influencers Make Big Bucks on Instagram


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