Due to its importance, we have written about the customer experience more than 100 times. For the post below, we focus on creating a great customer experience.


Six Principles of Creating a Great Customer Experience

For these principles, we turn to Iterable:

The customer experience is something that has drastically changed over the years. With possibly no event as significant as the pandemic. In our guide, readers will better understand how the customer experience reached a strategic inflection point. As well as what brands require to take advantage of this pivotal moment in time.

Using Robert Cialdini’s framework of psychological influence, the guide dives into six principles every brand needs to include in their marketing. Thereby, developing stronger connections with their customers. In doing so, the customer experience becomes more personalized and empathetic.

What you’ll learn: What is a strategic inflection point and why does it matter? The six principles needed for building a memorable customer experience. Four questions to self-assess your brand’s customer experience.

This chart highlights the framework. Within the guide, Iterable explains each of the six principles. To access the guide, click the chart below.

Creating a Great Customer Experience

After presenting these principles in detail, Iterable offers a recap: “Now, you have a tried-and-true set of principles to draw from. So, how will you create a memorable customer experience that stands out from the crowd?”

The guide concludes with four questions for companies to consider. As indicated in the chart. How would YOUR firm perform with regard to these questions?

Creating a Great Customer Experience


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