For entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other firms, raising funds in a simple manner is important. With that in mind, we look at business fundraising tips from experts.

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An Infographic with 11 Business Fundraising Tips from Experts

In this post, we present information from Judd Hollas. As well as an infographic from EquityNet. Click the link for a lot more!

There are many reasons to pitch your business — investment, sales, customer acquisition, recruiting, and more. In this article, we will focus on strategies to pitch when raising early-stage angel or venture capitalWe cover some of the high-level considerations and tips for pitching investors, an outline for early-stage pitch decks, and advice gathered from watching and reading the pitches and pitch decks of the most well-funded and successful startups.

Now, consider the following tip. With a company example: 

Demo Your Product (Wrapify) — When James Heller, the founder and CEO of Wrapify, pitched at Launch Festival in 2016 he waited less than 10 seconds to say “let me show you how it works.” Heller did an amazing job of telling a cohesive story from both sides of the platform (drivers and advertisers) while including a few smooth transitions to important slides regarding market, traction, and growth. To date, Wrapify has raised $9 million from 14 investors.

Every time you pitch in front of an audience, even if only one investor, have one person manage the actual product demo, while the other person does the talking. If you try to manage both simultaneously, you’re almost certain to lose the viewer’s attention and have a poorly executed demo. According to DocSend CEO Russ Heddleston, when early stage pitch-decks are sent to investors they spend the most amount of time reviewing slides about the product itself. Russ has presciently said, “Pre-Seed is all about the product.”

Business Fundraising Tips from Experts


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