Can You Afford to Become an Entrepreneur? According to Megan Darmody of Siege Media:

“As a busy entrepreneur who’s building your business from the ground up, you’re likely to face some ups and downs. And that’s regardless of what industry you’re in. There are hurdles in any aspect of business. But what’s most important is learning how to build a strong financial life. Finances are one of the most important factors to any business. It’s what keeps the lights on after all! Yet, it can be challenging to know exactly how to keep track of your finances. As well as which accounts to open. Or even where to get started in raising capital. Whether just starting up, in the midst of pitching to investors, or planning for your retirement, it’s never too late to get smart with your money. Implement simple money tips,. Then you gain the confidence to focus on building a successful financial strategy and business.”

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Can You Afford to Become an Entrepreneur?

As Meredith Wood writes for Fundera:

“Being an entrepreneur is always challenging. But it can be especially difficult if you start building your business at a young age. Young entrepreneurs face unique hurdles. And these include creating a company with less work and life experience under their belt. If you’re a young entrepreneur, you may also struggle with being taken less seriously by older peers.”

“In addition, if you start creating a business at a younger age you’ve also likely had less time to build a robust financial life. One of the best ways to position yourself for success despite these challenges is to be proactive about developing and maintaining a strong financial strategy. To take control of your financial life as a young entrepreneur, get smart about implementing money tips into your life and your business strategy. Simple steps like finding a business credit card that works for you and tracking your purchasing will help you create the foundation you need to build a strong financial life. These simple but crucial financial tips will also give you the confidence you need to focus on building a successful business.”

Here is an infographic from Fundera.

Tips for New Entrepreneurs -- An Infographic


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