Last month, we examined the importance of corporate culture for potential employees. Here, we look at the company perspective. With the value of investing in corporate culture.


Ascension Transformation: on the Value of Investing in Corporate Culture

Ascension Transformation Solutions consults with leading firms. Thus, it engages in business-to-business marketing.

Recently, it reported on investing on corporate culture from a company perspective:

Culture Transformation Investments That Matter

  • Strategic Imperative: Define a single strategic imperative to focus your efforts. When you have fifty strategies, you have none.
  • Future Vision: Establish a compelling vision. What does your future look like. And how does it position you to dominate your market?
  • Skills Training: Equip your workforce will the skills needed to meet your vision. Enable high-performance and career advancement.
  • Job Alignment: Facilitate organizational and job function alignment. Thereby, employees may exercise their passion every day.
  • Reward Success: Ensure reward systems align with your vision throughout the organization. As such, share successes regularly.

Does Your Organization Need To Invest In Culture Change? 

Consider these questions:

  • Does the company’s culture unleash employees’ passion?
  • How is the organization dealing with barriers to change?
  • Are employees self-managed and accountable for results?
  • Do rewards align with vision fulfillment across the organization?
  • Is there a leadership program that cultivates the right values?
  • Do communication systems foster effective collaboration?


Next, review Ascension’s in-depth infographic.

The Value of Investing in Corporate Culture

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