Startups and small businesses need all the inexpensive resources they can get. Thus, let’s look at freebies for startups ans small businesses.

Begin here: Building a Business Plan and Profiting from Shark Tank.

Freebies for Startups and Small Businesses as Sourced by Wikibuy

In general, startups and small business tend to have limited finances. In addition, they lack certain necessary business skills. As a result, QUALITY “freebies” help a lot. But, where do we find such freebies? Luckily, Wikibuy presents links to 135 free resources at one convenient Web site

“If you’ve launched a startup business or are ramping up to start your own, then you’re well aware of the expenses involved. From securing funding to hiring the right talent, the initial costs are numerous and expensive. That’s why entrepreneurs love finding products and tools they can utilize for free. Fortunately, there are tons of free tools and resources online that cater to innovative startup companies and founders like you. Website builders, site analytics tools, branding generators and design software are just a few of the resources at your disposal. To learn more about the different ways you can save on startup costs, check out the specific types of tools and software we’ve included in our guide, or jump to our infographic below.”

Wikibuy divides the 135 freebies into three categories: (1) Freebies to Help You Start Your Business, (2) Freebies to Help You Launch Your Business, and (3) Free Resources to Help You Run Your Business

Freebies for Startups and Small Businesses

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