These days, LinkedIn serves as much more than a networking site. For instance, we recently discussed using LinkedIn Stories to promote brands. In addition, there are many helpful articles. Such as, LinkedIn tips for B2B customer engagement.

As described by Gartner, from a B2B customer perspective: 

Customer engagement benefits buyers and suppliers alike by increasing close rates while meeting current B2B customer expectations. Keep customers engaged throughout their purchase journey to develop customer loyalty and collect valuable customer information. More customer interactions lead buyers to find your brand more valuable and provide you with customer insights. Those customer insights can inform marketing decisions such as retargeting and content development, as well as sales processes such as messaging and outreach methods.


Five Valuable LinkedIn Tips for B2B Customer Engagement

First, read these observations by LinkedIn’s Alex Rynne. Then, review the excellent infographic that follows:

In today’s world, fewer customers are in “Buy Now” mode. Thus, B2B marketers everywhere must flex their creative muscles more than usual. Many of you have been growing outside of your comfort zones. Whether it’s coming up with unconventional ways to drum up revenue. Or repositioning your brands for when the market bounces back. 

In a recent episode of Live with Marketers, I was joined by Edelman’s Joe Kingsbury and LinkedIn’s Tusar Barik. We shined a light on strategies for engaging customers in our current business environment. I definitely recommend checking out the full episode because Joe and Tusar really brought the heat. The episode contains a wealth of intel around thought leadership consumption to fuel your approach. But if you’ve only got a few minutes, here’s a quick breakdown of the top customer engagement strategies we explored and how you can apply them on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn Tips for B2B Customer Engagement

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