During these difficult times, it is important to honor those who have given service to us. We need to recognize the contributions of first responders, the medical community, caregivers, and others. Today is the day for honoring our veterans. Please do not forget about them and their needs.


November 11, 2020: Honoring Our Veterans

For good insights, we turn to MoneyMiniBlog. And consider that these observations come from an active military member:

A veteran is anyone who served or currently serve.  Indeed, the Veterans Administration, which provides services for veterans, only requires that you serve one day to qualify for benefits.

Do you say “thank you for your service?” to veterans? If I go somewhere in uniform, it’s almost a guarantee that someone is going to come up and thank me for serving. Many military members say they don’t know how to respond or what to say back. Some say “thanks for your support”, others say “you’re welcome”. So what exactly are you thanking military members for? You’re thanking them for their dedication to our country – for the sacrifices they make with their family – and the list goes on. But nobody really knows what to say when you thank them for their service. So next time you see a veteran, it will make them feel less awkward if you say something like “I appreciate your sacrifices” or “I appreciate your service”. That way we can simply say “thank you”. Either way, we always appreciate being appreciated.

Here are eleven ways to honor vets. 🙂

Honoring Our Veterans


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