Looking to move up in your career path? If yes, can you answer this question in the affirmative — Do YOU Have What It Takes to Lead? Take the quiz below to see. 🙂

To begin, review these articles:

  • Managers Versus Leaders A leader is the one in the charge, the person who convinces other people to follow. A great leader inspires confidence in other people. And also moves them to action.
  • Vertical Versus Horizontal Career Paths Vertical career growth means focusing on getting a promotion so you can attain your next job title. On the other hand, horizontal career moves center around creating value for you and your company by increasing your knowledge.
  • Marketers as Strategic Influencers — Marketing’s strategic input is essential for companies looking to succeed in today’s continually transforming business environment.
  • Daily Crisis ManagementWe’re now in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis and a growing economic crisis. For leaders, it can be hard to know the best approach to managing the day to day. 

Free Quiz: Do YOU Have What It Takes to Lead?

MTD, a  management training  firm, offers a FREE 96-item leadership diagnostic quiz. Each item is answered along a 1-10 scale. And the items are sorted into twelve categories. When finished, you get an online score. In addition, a 25-page personal report is emailed to you.

We took the quiz ourselves. To complete it, took about 10 minutes. Then, we reviewed the scores online. As well as through the personal report. A very impressive FREE service from MTD.

Click the overview chart to begin the quiz. [A short login is needed.]

Do YOU Have What It Takes to Lead?

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