Recently, we presented several tips about job interviewing. We included infographics, videos, and links. But suppose you want to practice more before making actual job appointments. To help you do so, we discuss “The Interview Before the Interview” Web site. 


Video Practice Questions: The Interview Before the Interview

First, some insights on this Web site. Reported by Sara Spary for Adweek:

“In some job sessions, you think you’re smashing it. Then, the hiring manager asks a curveball question that catches you unaware. And knocks you off your stride. To help prepare job candidates for such a moment — and the range of questions likely to come up regardless — a new tool developed by three creatives offers a sneak peek at real questions asked by the world’s leading creative directors.”

“Copywriters Emma Leamore and Pierce Thomson, along with art director Katyana O’Neill, created this site  to be a tool that puts creatives in front of top creative leaders, albeit virtually, and offers a glimpse into what it would feel like to be grilled by them in the hot seat.”

“The tool features questions from 37 creative directors, executive creative directors and chief creative officers from leading agencies. The questions are randomized, so you can practice your technique in a mock setting.”

Click the image to visit the practice interview Interview site. Then, select “Begin.” After you view each video question, come up with your own answer. Only upon completing your answer should you move on to the following questions. Do so by choosing the right arrow key. Write your answers down for every question, so you may review them later.

The Interview Before the Interview

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