As we discussed yesterday, there are a lot of excellent employer ranking lists. Now, we look at the winners of Gallup’s Exceptional Workplace Award.


Gallup’s 2020 Exceptional Workplace Award

Gallup, the research firm, annually conducts a study on great workplaces. It’s goal? To determine which companies provide the best workplace environment. It recently released its 2020 findings.

According to Gallup, 

What makes a workplace exceptional? When leaders build a culture that supports the employee experience, while focusing on strengths. And coaches talent to its full potential. Thereby unleashing human motivation, creativity, and innovation. [As a result], their culture of excellence puts them far ahead of their competition. Thus, they see returns in retention, engagement, and increased productivity. As well as better customer experiences. As well as true organic growth and higher revenue.

For more than a decade, Gallup has recognized the most engaged workplace cultures in the world — organizations that challenge the status quo and transform their workplaces by putting people at the heart of their business strategies. This year, we renamed the Gallup Great Workplace Award as the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award . This more fully captures the extraordinary achievement of winners.

They connect employee engagement to every aspect of their company culture. By doing this, these firms fuel the motivation and innovation that drive business results. Going far beyond the competition. While also offering people what they really want from their careers and lives. Belonging. Learning and growth. Recognition,. A great manager. And the opportunity to do what they do best every day.

Click the image to see which 38 companies make the 2020 list. Including firms with less than 5,000 employees. And those with 5,000 or more.

Exceptional Workplace Award

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