Last week, we wrote about COVID-19 from a business perspective. Obviously, since then, a lot has changed. But, importantly, we must still not panic. In this post and the next three, we look at what’s next. Today, we consider what we should do now – business strategies. Tomorrow, we review what we should do now – work-at-home tips. Thursday, we examine what we should do now – cleanliness. Then, on Friday, we highlight what we should do now – activities to stay occupied.

The first two posts take a business-centered approach. The posts on Thursday and Friday take a person-centered approach.

To begin, read the short article from VietnamCredit by clicking on the image. And watch the video about Ford’s shifting focus — social responsibility in action.

What We Should Do Now - Business Strategies

Update from the author: For the most part, I stayed at home last week. Went out to the supermarket a couple of times and ate out once. However, as of today during my routine checkup, my endocrinologist (Dr. T) told me to stay at home. Period! And when Dr. T speaks, we listen. After all, he saved my life with his early discovery of my pancreatic cancer.

Food for Thought: What We Should Do Now – Business Strategies

Over the past several days, we scoured the Internet for good material on business strategies during these uncertain times. As a result, we recommend these articles from the hundreds that we read — on a range of topics and industries. [They are in no particular order.] They show evolving business strategies. And offer useful resources:


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