Since 2012, we have posted more than two dozen articles about the Super Bowl. Why? Because of the audience size and the price of TV commercials. In this post, we discuss the Super Bowl of Advertising 2020. And look at where this phenomenon is now. Check back early next week for a “scorecard” of ads.

Interestingly, the most famous ad in Super Bowl history was in 1984. The Apple 60-second commercial for the new Macintosh personal computer. Looking at this in 2020, it seems rather quaint. Yet, to a large extent, it ushered in the era of event marketing at the Super bowl. In 1984, the cost of Apple’s 60-second ad was $500,000 ($250,000 per thirty seconds). 2020 equivalent, taking into account inflation? $1.2 million ($604 million per thirty seconds). For this weekend’s Super Bowl, 30-second ads will cost $5 million and up, with some time slots costing $5.6 million per thirty seconds.

How does our current post relate to the one we made yesterday on Kobe Bryant. As Jeanine Poggi reports for Ad Age:

“The death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash on Sunday has permeated all areas of culture, including advertising. Super Bowl advertisers have spent the week considering if their ads could, in any way, appear insensitive in the wake of the crash that killed the NBA legend, his daughter, and others. General Motors, Hard Rock International, and Hyundai Genesis are the latest brands to rethink their Super Bowl plans as a result. General Motors had planned to pre-release its Super Bowl commercial featuring LeBron James this week. But it has decided to hold the ad until the game ‘out of respect for this week’s news and all those involved.’”


Super Bowl of Advertising 2020

All TV ads for Super Bowl LIV, to appear on Fox, were sold out well in advance. According to MarketDive: “All 77 in-game slots were snapped up in near record time as marketers hustle to ready their high-priced creative.”

Here is a selection of 2020 Super Bowl ads as they appear on YouTube.This assortment is tended to show the diverse styles and themes. Note: They are in no particular order.


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