Without consistently high customer satisfaction rates, long-term success is almost impossible to achieve. Thus, measuring and enhancing customer satisfaction are critical.

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An Infographic Look at Measuring and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Salesforce has put together excellent research and charts on this topic. In general:

“Customer satisfaction has a major impact on several facets of your business. These include sales, brand sentiment, marketing and advertising strategies, and more. Getting customer feedback via surveys is usually a fairly effective way to hear from your customers. However, not everyone responds. And you don’t know if you’re getting the full picture or a fully honest answer. Thus, it’s necessary to track other customer satisfaction metrics. These data can help you get the full picture of how happy customers are with your products or services.”

“No matter how you measure customer satisfaction, it’s important to consistently review several factors. Such as what the mentions, sales, and communications actually mean. A monthly overall data analysis will go a long way. It helps you figure out what gives you the best overall picture of how happy customers are.”

Click here to read more. And study the infographic below.

Measuring and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

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  1. Aside from social media, there’s also another method (in theory) to measure and enhance customer satisfaction. I think, text surveys by text to landline services is a great way to measure customer satisfaction. Or any humanized form of communication.

    One discovery I had was with textmymainnumber.com. (Might I suggest to check their site too). 😀

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