What drives customer satisfaction? Previously, we covered Measuring and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Comparing Customer Satisfaction Assessment Tools. Today, we look at a range of customer satisfaction survey questions. Without customer satisfaction, it would be impossible for true customer loyalty.


Nextiva’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

According to Nextiva:

“Customer satisfaction is more important than ever. Why? In this marketplace, consumers have a number of choices in almost every product category. Therefore, firms that listen to customers offer a distinct advantage.”

“A customer satisfaction survey is an invaluable tool for both small business owners and large firm. Surveys help determine how customers feel about a firm’s customer service. As well as its Web experience, products, or services. A survey also helps a firm get to know customers to better communicate with them. The best survey questions often include an overall company rating, a rating of offerings or customer service experience, and some open answer questions for constructive feedback.”

To assist firms with their customer satisfaction surveys, Nextiva provides 60+ sample questions. In addition, the questions cross six categories. Click the links to see the questions in each category.

To access all of the questions in place, click the image.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

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