On a long-term basis, a prime career goal is professionalism at work. That means behaving properly. While also avoiding bad habits. Thus, we focus on this topic now.

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An Infographic Look at Professionalism at Work

In this post, we present a variety of infographics on job behavior.
From Bit Rebels:

“To refine your skills a little bit and to help you find the true you, we did some digging on the Internet . And found what an infographic that could help you on your path to success. It’s an infographic presented by Human Resources Online. It is a formidable infographic that gives you 10 pointers on how to find your way in sometimes harsh and competitive situations.”

Professionalism at Work
By Undercover Recruiter:

“Generation Y is accustomed to a much more lax atmosphere. Where sending text message-like E-mails from their smart phones is second nature. Recent grads are becoming more laid back. but their future workplace may not be. The job market is as competitive as ever. As recent college graduates have looming school loans over their heads there is no better time to avoid the common mistakes of the rest of the Gen Y’ers vying for the same positions.”

Professionalism at Work
As the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety notes:

“A civil and respectful workplace is related to many positives. Including greater job satisfaction, improved morale, enhanced relationships, and reduced sick leave and turnover. Within a stressful, frustrating, or toxic work environment, politeness and support can give way to resentment, rudeness, and even bullying and harassment. To combat this, there are many actions employers can take to champion and prioritize workplace civility.”

Professionalism at Work

2 Replies to “Professionalism at Work”

  1. It is amazing to keep yourself busy in a working environment, but it actually depends on the job and the environment that people work. Some workplace has relax environment and others have really strict guidance and code. Zappos is a company owned by Amazon and their working environment is relaxed, fun and very informal and people respects everybody’s idea and imagine that same kind of work place in Goldman Sachs, that’s not going to happen. Therefore, it depends on the company on how they want their employees to be treated and respected.

  2. 10-Tips-Young-Professionals need to know is very skillful advices to young employees, some wrong and stereotype thoughts and conceptions may mislead us in workplace and make tragedy in the point we really have no idea about. For instance, we may treat “staying late” as a hardworking signal, but the infographic tells us it totally no work and may leave negative impression to our leaders.

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