As we report every holiday season, shoppers need to be careful about “deals.” Often, they aren’t. For example, see 2018 Smart Holiday Shopping Tips. To combat price deception, let’s consider the potential of a new price comparison app.

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Potential of a New Price Comparison App


Exploring the Potential of a New Price Comparison App

Recently, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) introduced a new price comparison tool. The key to long-term growth: scalability. In other words, will the use of this app expand quickly?

According to Channel News Asia:

“A new crowdsourcing mobile application will allow shoppers to get more bang for their buck by comparing retail prices and promotions. Included are groceries, household items, and other food being sold at some outlets. Price Kaki, launched by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) on Tuesday (Sep 10), will also allow users to track price changes. In addition, they earn E-vouchers by contributing information on prices and promotions.”

“During a pilot run from September 28, an islandwide islandwide in early 2020, Price Kaki can be downloaded on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. ‘“Price Kaki will serve as a tool for consumers to compare prices easily. So they make more informed decisions and stretch their dollar,’ CASE said in a statement after the launch event.”

“CASE consumer empowerment task force chairperson Melvin Yong said work on the app began about eight months ago when it discovered a gap in information on in-store retail prices. ‘We found that online are apps which pull together prices available on E-commerce sites. How do we pull information on in-store prices of a basket of common goods that consumers regularly purchase?”‘

Below, we show the app’s interface design.

Potential of a New Price Comparison App
The interface of the Price Kaki app, newly launched by CASE. (Photo: Aqil Haziq Mahmud)


2 Replies to “Potential of a New Price Comparison App”

  1. It is an great idea to have for consumer to find the best buck to buy a product. Consumers are on the hunt to grab the best product in less time. Since the app is making it easier to search products from a wide range of outlets, would it still consumer spending? In the us apps like Honey or Wikibuy does similar jobs of making consumer get the best deal of products on e-market. However it will be better Honey and Wikibuy can do the same application as Kaki does

  2. Price comparing app is quite useful to consumers, a big good news, consumers no longer need to drive to different shopping mall or click on different online shopping websites to comparing price by themselves. But I have another wish, that future app may have price predict function, like what Bloomberg terminal did in stock market.

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