As we know, credit card data are hacked in various ways. Unfortunately, this remains a worldwide problem. As a result, we see Visa adding more customer security for its clients. And its competitors also increasing their offerings.

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Business Intelligence Report: Visa Adding More Customer Security

To summarize the Business Intelligence findings, Daniel Keys reports that:

“Visa’s new suite of tools will ‘help prevent and disrupt payment fraud.’ As such, it is available to its clients without an additional fee or sign-up. In order to prevent and quickly put a stop to fraudulent transactions, Visa’s solutions leverage AI.”

“To do this, one new tool uses AI to identify firms that hackers may take advantage of. Furthermore, it aims to let them know before fraud actually occurs. The offering is dubbed Visa Account Attack Intelligence. It uses card-not-present (CNP) transactions to figure out which financial institutions (FI) and merchants hackers try to glean data. From like account numbers and security codes. By using AI, the tool may keep up with fraudsters as they change and improve their processes.”

“Visa added two offerings to proactively look for clients’ fraud vulnerabilities. For one, the Visa Payments Threat Lab analyzes a firm’s processing, business logic, and more to monitor potential issues. While while Visa eCommerce Threat Disruption identifies payment data skimming malware on an E-commerce site. In addition, Visa Vital Signs analyzes transactions to pick out potential ATM cashout attacks. These attacks see criminals fraudulently withdraw money. To counter this, Vital Signs picks out these transactions and suspends them.” 


Visa Adding More Customer Security

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  1. It is so exciting to know that Visa provide new tool to protect customers’ monetary security. As a matter of fact, customers’ attention always focusing on money safety and private information safety after we enter into information era. And it always be the scandal explosion point for industries and new or high-tech companies like Hollywood actresses’ private photos stolen issue. Really hope that other credit card companies especially Mastercard can also provide similar measure that can give us more protection against payment frauds.

  2. yeah that’s a good move. but it really trigger me sometime, it really locked my account for no reason, maybe this ai just not smart enough. FYI, bitcoin as most ppl think the most secure type of currency but if you forgot ur password you lost all of your bitcoin FOREVER! and also ppl still can hack to your coinbase app to take your $ what a securecoin

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