Cyber security remains a growing threat to our Internet usage. Thus, today we look at a new cyber security facts infographic.

Due to its importance, we often post about cyber security. For instance, see:


Cyber Security Facts Infographic

EveryCloud reports that:

“As people learn more about the digital world, cyber crime becomes an issue that cannot be ignored. Although many individuals and firms do all that they can to prevent such attacks, a big risk of them still persists. There are various types of attacks that could occur and for many reasons. But one thing is certain. You don’t want to be the victim of cyber crime.”

“The more creative cyber criminals get, the more resources we spend on cyber security. It is estimated that, by 2020, around $101.6 billion will be spent on cyber-security software, services and, hardware.”

“If you run a small or middle-sized firm, these are the best recommendations. Organize cyber-security awareness training for your employeesKeep your computer and operating system software up-to-date. Use spam filtering for all of your E-mail accounts. Create backups of all of your data. And limit those with access to corporate information.”

You can find more awesome facts and useful tips in the infographic called “Awesome Cyber Security Facts (2018)”, compiled by EveryCloudAnd click the image for a larger view.

Cyber Security Facts Infographic

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  1. I am surprised by how much money businesses lose on cyber problems. I agree that , at the present time, cyber security is one of the most essential things to consider in doing businesses. We could lose our privacy and most importantly, money, if we don’t put much effort on cyber security.

  2. It’s crazy to see how much money is lost visually from these companies. To see a company lose $4B in 2011 because of hacking is unbelievable. This is really eye opening to see just how vital cyber security is to a growing business. If I were to run a business, cyber security would be one of my highest priorities as a result of the tremendous losses some of these big name companies suffered.

  3. In one of my last positions, we designed an entire campaign on this topic because of its effects both internally and externally. We had to make sure that all of our employees were informed about warning signs and proper procedures to take if they thought there was any attack. This can be detrimental to companies in a number of ways. Exposing the data of your customers can ruin the trust and relationship you have spent time and money to build. It can also cause a great amount of damage internally, recovering data, building proper security systems and maintaining and planning proper procedures to prevent and recover such incidences. This problem has only increased with the evolution of technology so this infographic is definitely a good resource.

  4. I found this post to be beneficial because it reaffirmed that I need to always make sure my information is protected. I’ve always used different passwords for different sites and made sure to use special characters and numbers; however, this post reminded me that I should also make sure to use over 16 characters when creating a password. Also, reading this post opened my eyes to how costly cyber security can be. Having to spend $101.6 billion on cyber security is insane but also very necessary in order to avoid data breaches and the losses that come with them.

  5. With everything moving digital there must be an emphasis on cyber security. Websites collect and save peoples personal information, and if a site is hacked that information is leaked into the hands of dangerous hackers. A hack is detrimental for business and a company’s reputation. Luckily my generation has been heavily educated on the dangers of cyber security. Suspicious links and pop ups are a major factor contributing to consumers loss of security. Children tend to click on the distracting links and allow hackers to retrieve their information.

  6. As technology matures, cyber security is naturally a growing concern. Although a firm’s upfront costs to implement proper cyber security may seem hefty, I believe it is totally worth it. Jeopardizing users’ private information and, thus, a company’s reputation will cost much more in the long run. Cyber security is a valuable investment for a firm that will, in turn, help garner clients’ trust.

  7. Great infographic. I find them so helpful…
    I wouldn’t mind sharing it in our blog. If you allow me, I can add a do follow backlink to your site. Just message me..

  8. With technology on the rise, cyber security should be heavily enforced. Websites are known to save information that we look up, for example, when you are shopping for something specific and an ad for it shows up on your Facebook feed afterwards. This information being saved can be sold to other companies, as well as being hacked and sent to other people. Businesses can have a huge setback if they don’t have the proper cyber security for their information.

  9. It is very interesting to see that companies, even small ones lose millions of dollars due to cyber crimes. I found it shocking that only 5.6% of overall budget on average is what companies spend on cybersecurity. I expected the number to be higher since in the end they would essentially be helping the company since their would be a reduction in cyber crime. Hopefully by 2020 we see a significant change in the amount of crimes that occur since more money will be invested to promote security.

  10. The world of cyber security is increasingly getting harder to understand and becoming more expensive for companies to keep up with hackers. But for small businesses getting hacked is all it takes to turn a successful venture into a failure. Although it is pricey for small companies to have a secure network it is much better than risking the entire business if they get hacked. If companies can’t afford an advanced security system then they can train employees in cyber security so the chances of being hacked are reduced.

  11. I find it crazy the number of hacked accounts and cyber attacks there have been in the 21st century. As the use of technology arises, so does the use of cyber security. Not only can people find ways to steal a company’s information, but they can even get into an average person’s accounts for social media. Using cyber security and paying the extra money for it, if you are a large company, is definitely worth it. Why take a chance of being hacked and losing everything?

  12. I find it crazy the number of hacks and cyber attacks there have been in the 21st century. It’s interesting to think that one person can steal the information of a company. For large companies bringing in large amounts of revenue, it is worth it to pay money to protect yourself. Why take the chance of being hacked and losing everything?

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