With the rapid growth of mobile devices, mobile security tips are more important than ever. Before reading below, check out these posts: Mobile Marketing Facts and Cyber Security Facts Infographic.


EIGHT Mobile Security Tips

Today’s post content is by Elsie Weisskoff, a content marketing specialist at Siege Media. The infographic is from Panda Security.

Sometimes, technology that we use every day poses a threat. That happens when it comes to mobile security. In 2018, the mobile operating system market share worldwide was primarily dominated by Android and iOs. Android claimed the biggest portion at 74.45%. And iOs was the second largest at 22.85%. With that being said, also in 2018, Android reported 322 vulnerabilities. In comparison, iOs reported 124.

This goes to show that those of us who use these popular mobile devices could be in danger of a security breach. As a result, protect yourself from both viruses and cyber attacks. To help you, Panda Security devised an infographic based on 8 mobile security tips. Putting this advice into practice will help secure your device and information.

As Panda notes: “It’s no secret that the technology we use can make us a target for viruses and cyber attacks if not secured properly. When it comes to mobile device use, there is no manual that comes with a phone to teach the user mobile security. In addition, threats are always evolving and adjusting based on our habits.”



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