As we know, many of us may be virtually tethered to our smartphones. From the time we wake up. Until the time we go to sleep. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see a huge increase for in-store use of smartphones.

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How Shoppers Apply the In-Store Use of Smartphones

As Lucy Koch reports for eMarketer:

“The gap between online and offline shopping continues to close as more customers engage with their mobile devices in-store. Some shoppers choose to engage this way rather than with personal interaction. But that doesn’t mean retailers should give up entirely on educating their store associates. According to a March 2019 RetailMeNot study, Internet users looking for more information in-store often skip approaching retail associates. Why? They go directly to their smartphones. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said they would look for reviews on their phone first, and 53% would search for deals before speaking with an employee.”

Look at the following eMarketer chart to see the types of information Internet users want instead of speaking with a store associate. They choose to use their smartphones.

In-Store Use of Smartphones

To encourage more shoppers to interact with store associates, many retailers are going digital in-store. See below.


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