In the present marketplace, consumers have more choices than ever before. A lot of this relates to omnichannel marketing. With this approach, consumers can shop online and offline, purchase online and pick up in a store, etc. So, let’s consider consumer behavior in an omnichannel world.

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Shopping Changes: Consumer Behavior in an Omnichannel World

According to Big Commerce:

“As part of our new partnership with payment experts Square, we surveyed thousands of shoppers and retailers. This shed light on how to connect the dots and make E-commerce a more seamless experience.”

“What’s the solution? Getting smarter about sales channel strategies. See, our evolving understanding of consumers’ behavior now suggests that shoppers browse and buy on various channels. And that makes the whole buying process a long and complicated one. More and more people buy online in general — and do it from wherever is most convenient. Some shop from bed, in the bathroom, at work. Thus, no place is safe from our desire to hit the buy button.”

“There are many different models for online retailing: social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, and Web-only stores such as Son of A Sailor. The one thing they all have in common? People. Customers. Folks who have a need and want to satisfy it.”

“The next wave of retail will be conquered by those who connect the dots from these various customer touchpoints and provide a cohesive experience that delights shoppers — no matter where they interact with a brand. With that, check out the following infographic on modern consumer behavior and a summary of the data below.”


Consumer Behavior in an Omnichannel World

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