Once again, we look at enhancing the customer experience. This is a vital topic in our competitive shopping environment. And one that can be costly. While also requiring continuous investments.

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An Infographic on Enhancing the Customer Experience

From a shopping perspective, many factors go into the customer experience. And some of these factors affect customer perceptions before they even enter a store. Overall, these three store exterior factors are quite important: parking, outdoor signage, and storefront design. 

The following material and infographic are drawn from BigRentz:

According to a study by Morspace, 95% of consumers said that the external appearance of a store influences their decision to shop there. An attractive exterior experience can improve drive sales, increase your property value, and — most important — make the difference between passersby just walking on and stepping foot into your store.

To spruce up a store’s exterior experience, pay attention to its cleanliness, personal touches, and overall presence. Our infographic shows the essential components to consider, including the parking layout, signage, and storefront features.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

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