Have you ever been laid off from your job? Did you employ a thought out strategy for bouncing back from a layoff? Please read below. And it look at the tips provided.

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Bouncing Back from a Layoff

The content for this post is from Karlie Kramer of Siege Media. The infographic is from Intuit Turbo.

Over a million Americans are laid off each year. That’s a tiny percentage of the total full-time workers in the U.S. (around 130 million). Yet, it’s still important to know how to react to a layoff in the event it happens to you. Even if saw it coming, you can’t control any aspect of a layoff except for how you handle it.

The first thing you should do is take a few days to deal with the loss of your job on an emotional level. Once you’ve accepted the reality of the situation, it’s time to start thinking about next steps. Reach out to your network. Updating your resume. And work with a recruiter. These are excellent ways to climb on the job hunt horse.

After assessing your finances, you may want to consider part-time work in the interim. That may ensure that you can pay your bills. While navigating the stresses of being laid off and searching for a new job, it’s crucial that you take care of yourself (physically and mentally) as well as keep a positive outlook.

Also, there are some key things you should avoid doing after a layoff. Such as viewing the change as a personal failure. Continue to the infographic below, provided by Turbo, to learn how to react to a layoff and how to bounce back.

Bouncing Back from a Layoff


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