More consumers want environmentally-safer product packaging. For example see 1, 2, and 3. And they enjoy clever advertising. Doritos wants to do both as Doritos packaging goes ecological. Will this influence YOUR future behavior?

Here’s a Dorito’s ad from the 2019 Super Bowl.


The Towel Bag — Doritos Packaging Goes Ecological

As TrendWatching reports:

“This month, Doritos Israel launched the Towel Bag. It is a reusable Doritos bag made of terry cotton. The new bag seeks to solve an issue familiar to anyone who has eaten Doritos. The residue of dust and crumbs that the snack leaves on fingers. The Towel Bag acts as a packet for Doritos. And it doubles as a place to wipe hands afterwards. The machine-washable bag was promoted by a video showing Doritos eaters wiping their hands on their trousers, sofa, pet dog and other unsuitable places. Doritos partnered with Israeli video game retailer BUG to target gamers with the launch of the new bag.”

“Obviously this is a lot about the LOLZ. But while you’re LOLing, there’s still time for learning (see what we did there?).”

First, watch the Towel Bag video. Then, click here to read a lot more.

Doritos TOWEL BAG from Gefen Team on Vimeo.

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