As we have noted, delivery systems become more complicated every day. For example, see Next-Day Delivery and Same-Day Delivery. In fact, firms must decide on delivery times, carriers, shipping fees, etc. One area receiving greater scrutiny: last mile delivery. Let’s look at this stage of the distribution system.

Jake Smith of Australia-based Go People (a delivery firm) serves as our guest blogger. Jake provides the content. And the infographic comes from his firm.


Last Mile Delivery Explained: Identifying the Challenges to Find Solutions

Every stage of the logistics process of delivering goods is crucial. In fact, each stage of the logistics process is as crucial as the next. From the moment someone places an order to the time a sender books a courier. To the pickup of the package. And that final leg with the final deliveries of  goods delivered to the end user. While each step of the way should be taken seriously, no point seems more high-priority than that of the last mile delivery stage. In that stage, the goods from a transportation hub move to their final delivery destination.

The shipment and delivery of goods include a lot of processes that make it difficult for businesses to offer smart, fast, accurate, and reliable courier service. But, it’s commonly during the last mile delivery stage where things go awry. Why? Because you use outdated shipping platforms or inaccurate routing systems. Packaging gets destroyed, goods get damaged in transit, shipments get delayed, or worst, items are not delivered at all. Indeed, the logistics can get quite complicated.

Thankfully, there are ways to combat the challenges that come with last mile delivery. Learn more from this Go People infographic to ensure customer satisfaction from beginning to end.

Last Mile Delivery

7 Replies to “Last Mile Delivery”

  1. I have ordered many different items online and I have never had an experience (luckily) where my item was broken. I have, however, received a different item than what i ordered. I think that companies have issues with deliveries because they have so many orders to fill with so little time. Whenever you order an item, they always give you an estimated time of arrival. I think companies should give a longer estimated time to give themselves more time to ship their product and to have less mistakes occur.

  2. I feel like the last mile is where a lot of mistakes occur also. Though I’ve never been a victim, I have seen online videos where the delivery drivers would throw the package onto the doorstep or into the bushes on the side of the house instead of placing it at the front door. I don’t know how often this occurs, but it’s just one of many reasons. Companies can only do so much when it comes to delivering their goods in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. However, the safer, quicker, and more effective they are, the better the chances are the customer will order from them again.

  3. I’ve truly never thought of the importance of the last mile. It does make sense that in this stage, packages are lost or damaged. I’ve had TONS of issues with deliveries that have been tracked right up to the last mile and have taken several days to arrive at my doorstep. It also must be difficult for firms to deal with this issue, as they have no control over what happens to a package when it’s out of their hands.

  4. I have, unfortunately, experienced mishaps when it comes to last mile delivery. However, it is unreasonable for consumers to expect companies to deliver perfectly every single time. I would rather companies take a few more days to get the delivery together and have it arrive in good condition rather than the company rushing to get it done and receiving a faulty delivery.

  5. I have often thought about the last mile delivery stage. There have been a few times where my family members have received packages that are banged up, and have broken parts inside. The boxes have been dented with marks on them, showing that they were not handled properly. This is sary because that means the item that you have paid for was not handled with the care you expected it to have, and workers were rough, reckless, and inconsiderate about your investment into this item. I think it would be better for companies to have longer delivery times and deliver products in perfect condition, rather than deliver the items quickly, but beaten up.

  6. As people increasingly want their products shipped to them faster, technology needs to be updated to handle this influx of orders. The system that has been used in prior years will not work, for people want their products next day or within 3 days maximum. I personally hope for the same, but often just expect it to take longer from the companies due to past experience. However, I haven’t given much thought to the underlying issues that cause products to take longer or come damaged. This issues could be identified as a lack of proper technology and efficient methods, which the company would need to identify and fix itself. Companies need to adapt as the current market is all about efficiency.

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