Due to its importance, social marketing is a hot topic for us. In looking ahead, let’s study the social media future of customer care.

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Social Media Future of Customer Care

Thanks to Josh Wardini for authoring this section of today’s post. And to Web Site Builder for the infographic. He focuses on the social media future of customer care.

“We communicate, share accomplishments, search for news and information, complain and post our wishes, all from social media. Thus, brands are now shifting online customer-care efforts to social media. Such care is the future of business to customer relations. And, these 8 facts prove it.”

“(1) People prefer social media for customer service. Social media are preferred by 34.5% of people. And the former leader in customer care, the phone, is only wanted by 16.1% of customers.

(2) 70% of people are more apt to use a brand when reached on social media. Also, 65% of customers have more brand loyalty if it reaches them on social media.

(3) At this point, 81% of firms use social media in customer experience systems. For example, Twitter interactions have risen over 250% since 2014.

(4) Good social media customer care can improve satisfaction by 26.6%. Further, 71% of consumers with positive social experiences are apt to recommend a brand to others.

(5) 42% of customers who complain expect a response within 1 hour. 32%  within 30 minutes. And 11% an immediate response on social media.

(6) Best-in-class social media customer care causes 81% greater revenue from referrals. Also, these firms see customer retention rates above 92%.

(7) Good social media customer care pushes customers to spend 20 to 40% more. Yet, bad social care results in a customer going to a competitor 30% of the time.

(8) Social media customer care is cost effective. The average cost to solve a customer issue on social media is 1/6th that of a call center interactions. And 167% better than voice agents.”


Social Media Future of Customer Care

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