As we know, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. But, we can succeed with proper planning. Today, we consider profiting from Shark Tank. An appearance may lead to smash results.

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Success as an Entrepreneur: Profiting from Shark Tank

Shark Tank has become a big hit. With many profiting from it.

Here, we highlight the observations of Emily Canal, writing for Inc.:

“When it comes to appearing on Shark Tank, sometimes the risk of failing to get a deal; of being sneered at by Mr. Wonderful in front of millions of viewers is worth it. Going on ABC’s hit show, which started its 10th season on October 7, doesn’t guarantee a deal with a celebrity investor. But it almost always guarantees a revenue bump.”

After nine seasons, Shark Tank has touched hundreds of companies in industries from food to toilet gadgets. And Inc. set out to quantify the Shark Tank bump. This exclusive analysis uses historical revenue data from more than 250 companies appearing on the show — starting from the year the startup was launched to projections for 2018. Regardless of whether a deal was accepted, a company has been profitable, or the founding structure of a company has changed since it appeared on the show. In most cases, a company’s revenue increased the year after it appeared on Shark Tank, occasionally doubling or tripling — and, in some cases, doing even better than that.”

“Many entrepreneurs walk out of the Tank without a handshake agreement,. Or see deals fall through after the due diligence process. And they still experience large increases in revenue. To cite one example, a women’s dress retail business walked out of the Tank empty-handed. And still saw an 800 percent increase in revenue the year after.”

“And not all Shark Tank bumps last. Some companies reported seeing huge growth spikes after being on the show. Then watched them contract just as quickly. One retail business, saw a 1,400 percent increase in revenue the year after it appeared. It dropped 600 percent the following year.”

Profiting from Shark Tank

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  1. Shark Tank is a great platform for entrepreneurs who are looking to raise capital and brand recognition. Even though chances of getting a deal on Shark Tank might be less depending on the product, but one thing that the show gives you is brand recognition. It is not necessary that everyone will dislike your product, there are people all around the world who are looking for different kinds of products that are suitable for them and this show helps you connect with them. It is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur who gets a chance to go to the show.

  2. Shark Tank is a revolutionary show changing the lives of small business owners forever. The show has created an incredible platform for business owners to bolster their business. Whether or not an entrepreneur makes a deal with a shark, they are getting exposure from consumers who watch the show. Many business owners leave unsatisfied with the shark’s offers or without receiving an offer. Just because the sharks do not like their idea or offer does not mean consumers still will not want to purchase their product or service. The exposure from being on such a popular show can skyrocket a businesses profits.

  3. Shark Tank has made so many entrepreneur’s dreams into a reality. Either they are able to make a deal with a shark, or they get to use their platform to generate exposure and new business. It proves to be an unbeatable opportunity that generally provides a major spike in profits.

  4. Shark Tank is an excellent tool to help many entrepreneur’ get their careers started. It is great online exposer for people looking to make profit and people looking to sell. It can dramatically change the owner of a small business in a positive way.

  5. I always knew Shark Tank served as a great advertising platform for startups. However, I never truly realized its magnitude until I looked closer at the statistics. The show offers great exposure for companies that can use a small push that will help them take off in the long run.

  6. Publicity is significant in selling a product and Shark Tank shows that. It’s a platform that has changed entrepreneurship, and it gives more people a chance to be seen. The data shows that when given a negative or positive review on the show, it doesn’t always effect the revenue.

  7. Shark Tank is an amazing show for new and experienced entrepreneurs to show what they can do when they’re given a chance this big. Companies have been shown to grow much more after they’ve been on an episode of Shark Tank because even if they do not make a deal with one of the sharks on the show, they still get their company and brand televised on a TV show viewed by millions of people daily, some of these people looking for new products that appeal to them. The impact that this TV show has had on a company, whether they walk out of that room with a deal or not, is tremendous and is bigger than anything I have ever seen.

  8. Shark Tank is an excellent experience for any aspiring entrepreneur. Participants are able to present their projects, and are given a chance to make their dreams come true. Some entrepreneurs leave without a deal, but as the article states, the company is shown to increase in revenues just because they’ve been on a episode of Shark Tank, so just imagine what the company can achieve if an entrepreneur does get a “shark” to invest in their project. Shark Tank is an amazing reality show that gives an opportunity to so many entrepreneurs with great capability of creativity.

  9. Shark Tank is a great way for entrepreneurs to present their business ideas and gain feedback. While the sharks can be quite aggressive (and sometimes very rude), the experience has to be life-changing whether or not a deal is offered. I am not completely surprised by the increase in revenue. It is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs because they also get to tell consumers about their products. Even if the Sharks wind up tearing them apart, new consumers get to learn the product name and purpose and have the ability to look it up and buy it. Even in the cases where success is short-lived, the learning experience must be incredibly beneficial, and I am sure a few of the speakers wind up walking out with tougher skin then when they first came in. After watching the show a few years, it is important to identify specific forecasts and past performance, the target market and the specific purpose and benefits of the proposition.

  10. Shark Tank has provided a really incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs who need more exposure and help on their business ventures as well as great entertainment and inspiration for viewers. These entrepreneurs get great publicity for their ideas and products as well as useful advice from the sharks even if they don’t make a deal and none of the sharks invest in them. I personally enjoy the show and love to follow or look up some of the products or ideas that are presented on the show and I am sure many other people who watch do the same.

  11. Shark Tank is an awesome platform for entrepreneurs to get a once in a lifetime chance to present their buisness ideas infront of some of America’s most sucessful buisnessman. Some may leave without a deal, but the ones who do leave knowing their buisness will grow. The show gives these entrepreneurs great publicity and if they leave with a deal they get a great new buisness partner. Shark tank has really turned small buisness ideas into dreams come true.

  12. Even if an entrepreneur doesn’t get offered a deal with one of the sharks, being on Shark Tank is a great opportunity for growing businesses to get their brand out their to a much larger audience and increase their sales. Additionally, many of the sharks offer feedback to the business owners so that they can modify their business plan which then allows them to become more successful. Either way, any entrepreneur that ends up on Shark Tank doesn’t leave empty handed.

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