Entrepreneurs can be quite inventive. For seven examples, take a look at this YouTube video. It has been viewed more than 3.5 million times!!

After viewing the video, what lessons have YOU learned? Which is your favorite product of the seven? Why?



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  1. One of the major lessons I learned from this video is that human ingenuity is astounding; it seems that there is a product for just about everything. It also made me feel enthusiastic about the business world, as creating inventions and gadgets such as these are what drive the industry. However, the product that impressed me the most was Meld. This is because it allows for complete control of your dish, without even having to be in the kitchen. I feel that this is a very thoughtful product. However, I did feel that this may take some of the finesse out of cooking. Overall, I think this is a very clever product that markets both towards the startup home cook and to the high end restaurant chef.

  2. I loved this video. What I learned and what I learned from my own life is that if you have an innovation and if you have a need others may have the same need. My mother is in the middle of an innovation that she thought of on the beach. She looked around her on the beach and others were doing what she was doing. She is in the middle of patenting her idea and had a prototype built. If you have an idea don’t say no one will buy it you never know. The invention I liked the best was the Defender. Being a college teenager living off campus I think this is a great little gadget to help anyone in the time of need. It is small enough that it can come with you in your bag . I would feel safe having the defender with me.

  3. This video was truly amazing and fun to watch. All the clever innovations are all smart, cool, and useful. What I learned from this video is that it just takes one small idea to come up with an awesome innovation, but you have to go through with it and have a positive mind. If someone truly has a passion for something and believes in it, they can make it happen. I loved all of these innovations, but the two I liked the most were the Defender and the Ambytious ATV. The Defender is such a great idea, with the fact that it protects with one press of a button. It is incredible that you can protect yourself with the pepper spray, and with that same device get help. I really do believe people should make this a necessity item to have, just like their phone and car keys. As for the Ambytious ATV, I loved it because I absolutely love both jet skiing and riding on a quad. It spikes my adrenaline, and I can guarentee both activities do the same for many others. Therefore, to have the two awesome recreational vehicles put in one would be perfect and SO much fun.

  4. Wow! Each of these items truly appear to have a useful and significant impact on our daily lives. The lesson I have learned is that these items are actually very simple in nature and anyone could have thought of one of them. However, at the same time they are truly brilliant ideas. It is just a matter of following through with an idea and going hard with making it sell. I feel like from one point or another we all have said “Hey you know what a great invention would be xyz….” and then most of us never actually carry out that idea further than just a thought. I know I have been a victim of that countless times. I feel it is a matter of dedication and perseverance one must set forth in order to make that idea into something that consumers would entertain. Personally, I thought all the items would come in handy, but the one that hit home for me was The Defender. I feel not only girls but guys as well should carry this life-saver device that could literally save one’s life and even future individuals that would be victimized by a certain predator. This gadget kills two birds with one stone so to speak, it not only helps a victim escape in a time of need, but it alerts the police and helps capture the perpetrator.

  5. One of the major lessons that I learned in this video is that there is always innovative inventions that I have never even heard of, that are very practical and useful. My favorite invention was Meld. I would benefit the most from this product simply because I am a man that does not cook often. Many of my cooking experiences have resulted in undercooked or burnt food, so this product would come in handy and take the stress out of cooking. But one thing that I find interesting about all of these products is that they are not currently well known products. So my thoughts are that the products were either not marketed properly, or have been replaced by better similar products.

  6. I think all of these ideas are pretty awesome, however I was most interested in the Meld Knob for cooking. One day I would like to open my own restaurant and so I am always interested in products regarding the cooking ware industry. I don’t know how effective this product really is, but from what it seems it looks very cool and sophisticated and would be great for an amateur cook who is still learning the basics. Or the everyday mom or dad who is the normal cook in the household. Usually parents come home late do not have all the time in the world and I think this product could help a parent that is not the best cook and doesn’t need to keep a close eye on his/her food.

  7. I think that the Meld mold, clip, and app are very cool, and can definitely help in either a restaurant setting or even in your own kitchen. However, I definitely think that they should be watched carefully, because as we all know, technology sometimes doesn’t work. If a cooking temperature control system malfunctions, this can lead to serious damage. If something gets too hot, not only can your meal get burnt, but can also start a fire.

  8. I really enjoyed this video, as it looked at several different types of inventions, all of which would benefit a wide variety of people and cater to many needs and desires. I think it’s amazing that people are inventing objects or applications to make certain aspects of peoples’ lives easier, more efficient or just more exciting. Although I liked all the inventions displayed in this video, I believe that the Meld would be the most practical in my every day life. As someone who enjoys cooking but is also quite busy, I think this would be a great object to have so my attention doesn’t have to be solely on cooking.

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