Side gigs for recent grads — as well as some not-so-recent grads — may be quite appealing. Through such gigs, they may increase their earnings, learn new skills, and help pay off college loans.

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Side Gigs for Recent Grads

As Jeff Smith, Editor of the Self Lender blog, puts it:

“So you’ve landed your first job. And you can finally splurge on the ad-free subscription to Hulu. But are you really financially stable enough for the more important expenses in your life? With the rising cost of housing, growing student loan debt, and high interest rates, it’s no wonder over half of recent grads take up a side hustle [side gig] to make ends meet.”

“According to a survey by Bankrate, millennials are more likely to have a side hustle than any other age group. Part of the reason for this is that they have more debt than any other generation. And they don’t anticipate as much job security as their parents. At the same time, the growing gig economy offers unique creative freedom and flexibility attractive to this generation. As it turns out, side hustlers can make over $8k annually. Whether you want to pay for a new car, put a down payment on a house, pay back your student loans, or build credit, it’s likely that there’s something out there for you.”

“If you’re like most recent college grads, your starting salary was actually 10% lower than you expected. So even if you’re making a comfortable amount, you may be looking to make up that difference with side income. The average millennial spends 45% of their paycheck on housing, which is 15 percentage points higher than the recommended amount. This means it’s hard to save money for big purchases.”

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Side Gigs for Recent Grads

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  1. This article was very resourceful for my generation once we graduate college. There is a huge scare that our generation is going to have the toughest time finding a job once we graduate, and since we are the highest in debt, its going to be even harder for us to pay off.

  2. Students are graduating with an increasing amount of debt, so it is no shock that they are looking to make money in every way they can. Taking up a side hustle in addition to a job is a great way to make a bit of extra cash to pay off debt and general living expenses. As a student graduating in just two short years, I will consider picking up a side job myself.

  3. This is such an important topic that grads should think about even before they graduate. Doing a side job could help support the main job that people want to do; sometimes the starting job does not pay well but it could be what someone is passionate about. A side job can be manageable if you are quick at learning things or if you use a skill to your advantage.

  4. Side hustles are becoming increasingly important for students. The majority of my friends have side jobs, as well as some that have recently graduated. Especially for those living in the Long Island or NYC areas, the cost of living is so high that a side job is almost necessary. This article sets a good tone for anyone looking to start one.

  5. I love the idea of every person having a side hustle. Sadly, in this current day and age students will spend most of their lives paying off their college debt. But thanks to the side hustle, many are able to pay off such debt in a resourceful way, but the question remains, will it be enough? Unfortunately for a woman it is much harder to make a significant amount from a side hustle but maybe one day everyone will be able to successfully pay off their debts.

  6. The idea of getting a side hustle as soon as college is over is an important decision. It’s one a lot of college graduates are faced to decide on to help pay off their debt and is sometimes the best thing to do. It’s a bummer to see that a side hustle is needed for someone to pay off their college debt, but what’s life without a little bit of a challenge waiting for you?

  7. I think that it is great that side hustle opportunities are increasing. As more and more students work through college and leave school with debt, sometimes that extra money on the side make a big difference, even if it just some weekly grocery money. The creative freedom allowed in these side jobs is also a great exercise for young professionals or professionals who have not had that liberty in their careers yet. I think it is a good point to make sure you have the time to take this on, and to make sure you are getting paid enough for the services you are providing. I would definitely consider taking on a side job when I graduate from the MBA program. I did some work on the side of school last semester, and it wound up being a great experience and learning opportunity.

  8. I personally am involved in a side hustle and I think they are super beneficial for people who are able to find the right hustle for them. Being a full time student and athlete leaves me little time to be able to have a traditional job. The side gig allows me to gain real life experience throughout college without taking too much time (that I do not have) out of my week for a traditional job. Bills add up and you have to find unique ways to make ends meet. I would recommend finding a proper side gig to anyone who is looking for an alternative way to make more money.

  9. I think it is great that recent graduates are going the extra mile to earn money to payoff their debts, expenses, etc., rather than just drowning in debt. I think one of the reasons why graduates have side gigs rather than adults is due to the technological era they were raised in. These days there are many ways for people to make money through simple acts such as becoming an Uber driver. Uber allows its employees to choose their time of when they would like to work, which makes it extremely convenient for young graduates who are adjusting to their new jobs.

  10. I am not surprised that side jobs for recent graduates is becoming more common. Student loans and living expenses are extremely high, and it is in each persons best interest to pay it off as quickly as possible. I am involved in side hustle, and although it may not bring in a ton of money, it fits into my demanding schedule, and every bit of extra money you can make counts. With technology today, it is easier than ever to have one or multiple side jobs and I think everyone should take advantage of these opportunities.

  11. Side hustles provide recent graduates with great opportunities. Paying off loans and other expenses is definitely a primary reason for having a side gig, however, side hustles are also really beneficial for people who come straight out of college in many other ways. Side gigs give recent graduates the opportunities to learn new things, get more experience, and brush up on the skills they already have. For example, many side hustles involve having communication skills so this gives people the opportunity to become more comfortable speaking with people, working with team members, and helping clients and customers. Also, because these recent graduates just came out of college, they’ll be used to busy schedules and they’ll be more inclined to fill their time working an extra gig now rather than a few years down the road.

  12. Having a side job is something that I have thought about when I graduate because of the increasing price of basically everything. As the article said spending almost 50% of a paycheck on a house is much above the recommended amount and that money has to be made up somehow. The chart shown got me thinking about occupations I can consider doing on the side based on interests or skills and it is something I will continue to think about as graduation becomes closer.

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