With the rapid rise in mobile media usage, marketers must optimize their automated tools. Thus, today’s topic: mobile marketing automation growing fast. In the discussion, we note mobile media automation (MMA) basics. And we look at MMA’s evolution. Thanks to Jessica Pyykkonen of Ghergich & Co. for suggesting this post. đŸ™‚

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Behind the Scenes: Mobile Marketing Automation Growing Fast

According to Salesforce:

As we know, “mobile use is booming. And it’s not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, research from eMarketer shows that between 2015 and 2021, mobile-only Internet users will rise to 52.3 million. With that growth, smart businesses and marketers constantly look to reach their on-the-go audience. That’s where mobile marketing automation (MMA) comes in. As the name implies, MMA is similar to traditional marketing automation. But it’s designed for use with mobile devices. Although MMA may not be as widely used as traditional marketing automation, it’s gaining popularity.”

“Automation solves two marketing needs. (1) Managing a large contacts database. (2) Delivering personalized messages to customers. Marketing automation stores data about your contacts. Then, it lets segment your contacts into lists based on specific criteria. And it helps control the messages those contacts see. Without automation, businesses must do all this manually. This becomes difficult with a large audience.”

“For the most part, traditional marketing automation focuses on desktop users via E-mail and social media. But the rise of mobile technology calls for MMA. Unlike traditional automation, MMA works with the complexities of mobile technology. Why? Because mobile users behave differently than desktop users. And MMA can help optimize campaigns for them. Also, it can do many of the things as traditional marketing automation. Thus, you can use it to build and segment your contact list. Organize E-mail campaigns. Run split tests. And track analytics. However, the power of MMA refers to how it helps firms market on their mobile devices.”

Mobile Marketing Automation Growing Fast

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