Have YOU ever wanted to create an infographic?  Infographics are visually attractive and informative. They are easy and fun to create. You can build one with PowerPoint. Today’s post covers how to easily create great infographics.

We have posted many times using infographics. These are examples.   Getting People to Spend More Time on Your Web Page.   SEO FAQs: An Infographic with 16 Tips.   How to Do Better with Online Marketing Content. Note: About 325 of our 1,700 posts to date include infographics.


Overview: Easily Create Great Infographics

These are good sources to learn about infographic creation:

And look at this advice. How to Create an Awesome Infographic Resume.

Easily Create Great Infographics. Tips on how to create a spectacular infographic resume and what practices to avoid.


Simple Tools to Easily Create Great Infographics

In addition to the above, there are many tools to simply create infographics.

Jillian Petrova (on jeffbullas.com) discusses “20 Cool Tools for Creating Infographics.”  

“Readers want quick access to brief information. Web site visitors love infographics. They are a  popular form of digital marketing. Why? We receive 5 times more information than in 1986. And 80% of us are more apt to read anything with colors. Infographics are great with colors45% more users click a link if it features an infographic.”

“What if you, the infographic maker, are short on time. And you want to create infographics? Forget Photoshop and other time-consuming tools. Create infographics with tools online.”

These are 5 “cool tools” from Petrova. To see all 20, click the image below.

  • Visme lets you create interactive presentations, infographics, and more. It has a library of templates, shapes, and objects. It’s ‘specially priced’ for teachers and students.”
  • Easel.ly helps you compose an image in a few clicks. First, pick a template. Then, add shapes, backgrounds, and text to personalize it. The basic version is free.”
  • Visualize.me focuses on ‘infographic resumes.’ Yet, designs are not limited to that purpose. You select from many themes, pictograms, and more.” As the site notes, “create your infographic resume for free.”
  • PiktoChart let’s non-designers create infographics in as few as 10 minutes. It has 400+ customizable themes with images, graphs, and colors.” You can start for free.
  • Canva trains designers and non-designers to devise creative stuff. After a tutorial, you create your project. It can be a presentation, Facebook cover photo, or infographic.” Canva is free.


Easily Create Great Infographics. Let’s take a look at how to create infographics with the best tools available online.


6 Replies to “Easily Create Great Infographics”

  1. I find this article rather informative. I believe this skill is great to have. It could be used in various environments such as school and the work place. If you look at it from a marketing perspective infographics are attractive to the eye and can be quickly read.

  2. Never ever did I know that creating infographics could be this easy. As mentioned in the video, always thought that this is the work that graphic designers could do easily but PowerPoint has so much on offer. We could do some great stuff with it. This is one great skill to have at your workplace as it could make data and information look much more appealing rather than presenting it in a conventional form.

  3. I’ve been graphic designing for five years now and I’ve been seeing a lot of websites/apps/programs that make what I do obsolete. It’s definitely significantly easier than hiring a designer and going through the motions with that, but there is value in custom creation that these types of services will never be able to attain.

  4. Possessing computer skills is very important in the workforce currently and is only going to grow in the future. Projecting information in a memorable and attractive way through infographics is more effective than using traditional methods.

  5. The power of the infographic is overwhelming. It allows people to easily compare things, and they will often receive attention when people would just skip over a block of text. Since people like to compare things visually, this makes it very easy to get your point across.

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