Many people like cute and humorous ads. See, for example: Ad Campaigns That Inspire .   Rogue One: May Force Still Be with You. Dollar Shave Club Goes Humorous.   Now Ikea is taking its furniture advertising to a higher level of cuteness. The new campaign deals with Ikea pet furniture. Yes pet furniture.


Ikea Pet Furniture. Yes Pet Furniture.

As Ikea notes at its Web site:

“Finally for cats and dogs too!! Have you ever felt like your cat or dog wasn’t just a pet, but a member of the family? It’s exactly that focus that led IKEA to make the comprehensive LURVIG pet product range. Created by pet loving designers with support from trained veterinarians, the range covers all the bases of our shared life with pets indoors and out, so you and your pet can enjoy your home together.” 

Ikea Pet Furniture. Yes Pet Furniture. Created by pet loving designers with support from trained veterinarians, the range covers all the bases of our shared life with pets indoors and out, so you and your pet can enjoy your home together.
Made for our four-legged family members

Will the pet product line be a hit? Alexandra Jardine reports this for Ad Age Creativity:

“Not content with having conquered the market for human furniture over the past 30 years, Ikea is now turning its attention to the animal world. The Swedish retailer has unveiled its first line of furniture for pets. Its LURVIG line (meaning “hairy” in Swedish) includes cat and dog beds and houses for them to curl up in, as well as accessories like scratch mats, feeding bowls and litter trays. There are also some scaled down versions of some of its favorite items, like a mini play tunnel for cats or a mini version of the Kilppan sofa. And some items ingeniously fit with the Ikea furniture you already have: like cozy inserts for Kallax shelving that are designed for animals to squeeze into. Like all Ikea stuff, it’s reasonably priced: a cat house on legs, for instance, is $54.98.


VERY Cute Videos for Ikea Pet Furniture. Yes Pet Furniture.

These videos are divided into four categories. (1) The basic premise of Ikea’s pet furniture. (2) Furniture for dog lovers. (3) Furniture for cat lovers. (4) Behind the scenes in the making of Ikea pet Videos. There are EIGHT videos in all. Enjoy!

(1) The Basic Premise


(2) Furniture for Dog Lovers


(3) Furniture for Cat Lovers


(4) Behind the Scenes: Making Ikea Pet Videos


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  1. I am so on board with this new furniture line. I think this is truly something different that has an actual use and is a solution for a major problem tons of pet owners run into: ruined furniture due to their pets. Cats scratch, dogs shed, things happen. I personally find this so cute and creative and feel that Ikea definitely stepped out of the box on this one. Ikea furniture in general is a concept many people enjoy due to the inexpensive prices and ability to assemble it on their own, and the idea that you can buy add on pieces to furniture you already own for your pet is so smart. I think this new line will do very well for Ikea and that many people will be interested.

    1. I think this is brilliant! Pet people understand that our dogs and cats are a part of the family with that said there should be more options on the market for furniture that is pet friendly, or better, furniture specifically for our pets, as IKEA has done. Much of this furniture is affordable and reasonably priced which consumers will enjoy. Also, the ads are so adorable that any pet-lover will want to check out a nearby store to see the collection (and many of which will probably make a purchase). I must agree with Joli, what IKEA has done is very creative and the ability to purchase pet furniture to add onto furniture we already own seems like an extremely innovative idea. I am excited to see where this goes and I hope IKEA continues to add to their pet furniture line!

  2. This post makes me laugh because, although I love this idea of furniture for dogs, it is incredible that consumers wold spend the money on such a ridiculous idea. I love animals, especially dogs. But no matter how much I love my dog, I would not spend the $50 amount for just a piece of dog furniture. I would allow my pets to use the same furniture I do. But it is genius of Ikea to think of this idea because there are plenty of wealthy people who would get their pets furniture. So props to Ikea for creating this creative idea.

  3. This is such a great idea. This pet furniture is so unique and it is actually reasonably priced. I think that pet lovers wouldn’t mind spending money on this furniture. It is unique because this furniture fits right in with other IKEA furniture that you would own. You can buy the cat tunnel that would fit in with a shelving unit that you would already have purchased. The advertisements were fantastic and very appealing. The cats and dogs were adorable. If you didn’t already have any pets, these advertisements made the consumer want to go out and get one. I think it’s going to be a huge success.

  4. I see the need to expand Ikea’s product line and I do think enough people will buy this. However I see an issue in the entirety of Ikea’s mainstream product to begin with. What do you think when you hear Ikea? Cheap, hard to construct, easy to break furniture. Now that may not be true when it comes to their pet line but isn’t that a hard stigma to break?

  5. Expanding Ikea’s product line into a pet department is a great idea in my opinion. Not only is it attractive to those who have pets, but what makes it interesting is the rarity of furniture specialized for pets. Sure there are places where you can purchase things such as a bed for your dog; however, pet stores tend to be a bit pricey when it comes to this. Also, when was the last time you were at a pet store and you saw a sofa specialized for dogs? If Ikea can market these products successfully and keep them affordable, then this will be a successful new product line for them.

  6. I think Ikea is doing a great job at marketing their new pet line. Despite the quality of their products, their commercials demonstrate modern and sophisticated products that can be simply added to existing furniture. Additionally, in the commercials they feature happy pet owners and many clips of adorable cats and dogs to grasp the attention of any pet lover.

  7. This post is brilliant! Such a great idea to get new customers to an Ikea store! People would do anything for their pets, me included!I agree with Joli, pet owners get so aggravated with their furniture being torn up and this is a great solution to the problem! Plus who wouldn’t want to see their pets happy!

  8. Who else than IKEA can come up with such a product line. Today, when we think about furniture, IKEA is the first brand that comes in our mind and this step is carefully executed by them because we all know that people who own a pet don’t think of that animal as a pet and rather a part of family and they will go forward taking care of all the possible needs for their pets. They want their pets to be happy and healthy and will not compromise with anything else. Pricing will hold a key as if they tend to make it too expensive then they can lose on a potential market share that they could gain by keeping the price aggressive in a un-penetrated market.

  9. As an entrepreneurship major, I’m working towards being able to open my own business and part of that includes ensuring it is a sustainable one. This move from IKEA is brilliant, not only because it is reaching such a large audience, but because it is reducing their waste as well.

  10. When I saw the topic, I thought it was just a stunt of advertisement, but the fact is that Ikea did launch a pet collection. I’m obsessed with cat. The advertisements are so cute that even though I don’t have a cat now, I still want to buy the products. The concept that my cat will sleep the smaller bed which is same as mine is so fantastic. Besides, some “houses” of cats is just the simple modification of existing product, which are great! I cannot wait to see how the sale will be.

  11. This was a great move by IKEA i know a bunch of people that would spent countless amounts of money on their pets. Also you don’t always want your pets laying all over your furniture after rolling around in the dirt all day so its good that they have create products for the pets to lay on. Since IKEA is usually on the cheaper side of the market i’m sure nobody has an issue with the pet furniture prices.

  12. I think that this is a great way for IKEA to make money, because people are willing to spend so much on their pets, and are willing to do anything to make them comfortable. The items seem to be reasonably priced, which means that people are probably more willing to buy more of it. I think it’s a cute concept, and no company that I know sells similar products. The ads are also entertaining and will encourage people to buy these things for their pets.

  13. Undoubtedly, It is a interesting idea for me since i like animals except snake. The advertisement’s concept is fantastic since the idea makes animals live in the same way as our human do. Thus, this could make consumers feel more close to their pets in daily life.

  14. I think it is a farsighted idea to open a new line, pet furniture, in IKEA. Firstly, there is no place like IKEA which has such big furniture store for pets. I think IKEA would have a great market. Secondly, there are more and more animal lovers in the world. Pets are becoming more important and like family members in the now days. I think many customers would love to buy furnitures for their lovely pets. Since IKEA would have lots of nice design for their pet furnitures, customers would love to put them in their houses as well.

  15. As an owner of four dogs, I believe that Ikea’s new collection of pet furniture is great. My dogs are considered members of my family and we do everything to make them happy and comfortable. With that being said, since Ikea is known for its cheap prices and variety of options, this new product line will be a hit in my household!

  16. My pets would have a field day on this assortment of furniture. Im also a sucker for cute ads with animals. I have never shopped at IKEA before but theres something great about a company trying something new now and again to freshen things up. In the realm of furniture, not much can be done and IKEA was able to hit a home run with this.

  17. This may be the cutest thing I have ever seen and if I were financially stable and not in massive debt and say a thirty something year old who had a pet and no time to travel or kids then all of my money would go directly to them. I think IKEA is well aware of this and not only its ability to sell easily but also that many people are in that exact situation that they are comfortable enough to buy these products and don’t have the time to invest their money in more leisure activities so in turn spoil their pets. Additionally I feel a large part of the success of this is it’s so shareable.

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