As we approach the end of 2016, we are going to present some of the most popular of the nearly 1,500 posts that have appeared on Evans on Marketing. Today, we cover personal self-assessment.


No matter the stage in your career (or life), it is imperative that you regularly do a self-assessment. In the infographic below, there is a 20-item self-assessment quiz for you to take.

How do YOU fare on this quiz? What activities do YOU need to modify to improve your career profile? How can YOU be happier? 🙂


20 Replies to “A Personalized Self-Assessment Infographic”

  1. I think what I did best for 2016 is getting more active with communicating with different people, for example I volunteered in Debate16 as a communication assistant. As a marketer, it’s a good deal that you have to be very active to communicate and understand what’s audiences’ need and wants. On the other side, the thing I still need to work a lot on is time management, I need to admit that i am a procrastinator so I really think I need to plan my schedule more. But overall, I think I did pretty good in 2016. I got a major related job, I traveled a lot, I volunteered, I went on News and I learned a lot. Also thanks to Hofstra.

  2. When looking for a job or an internship, most students will get confused because they just seeking for what everyone is seeking for. Frustratingly, they will end up with getting the jobs they don’t like or even worse- not finding any! It just because their resumes are not distinguishing enough. So to be special, we need to know better of ourselves. This self- assessment gives us different perspectives on how to find out what we’re really good and what we really want. It’s also been an interesting experience for me to “review” myself in a marketing strategic way. After doing the self- assessment, I’ve also got more orientations and insights about my future career.

  3. It is necessary and important to make an assessment of ourselves so that we can realize what we have gained and what we are lack of. According to this assessment, we may obtain self-satisfaction of our achievement and we can set up goals for the future to do better.

  4. Constant self-assessments are imperative to anyone wishing to start or continue their career. Assessing your strengths and weaknesses is the only way to get to know yourself and what unique attributes you can bring to the table, in regards to any opportunity that interests you. Personally, I have noticed that the questions listed in the above self SWOT analysis are basically identically to those that interview questions for companies are based on. Having recently been on a behavioral interview, a majority of the questions I was asked reflected those that you would ask yourself in a self-assessment.Unless you are aware of what makes you special, then there isn’t much to differentiate yourself from the crowd and stand out, especially if you are applying for a position with a lot of competition. Therefore, the self-assessment provided above is incredibly beneficial, especially for those seeking to start their career.

  5. Self-assesment is necessary for everyone. To be honest, I nearly don’t think too much about myself until I go to Career Center to revise my resume. Via self-assessment, we can realize our advantage and our goal. Thus, self-assesment is very important for our future development no matter in work or in life. Knowing ourself more, it is beneficial to self-positioning in future’s career and be a better person.

  6. Self-assessment is important for everyone in every stage of their lives. After doing a series of self-assessment quiz, can a person finally find out what is his/her strengths and weaknesses, and improve him/her performance accordingly. By doing self analysis in a marketing way (SWOT), gives my insight for my future goals.

  7. Self-assessment is quite important for everyone, since it reflects all flaws and perfections as a mirror. From assessment, people are able to know more about selves, not only the physical perspectives but also the mental ones. From having better understandings of strengths and weaknesses, we can make progress on weaknesses and make improvements on strengths.

  8. I realize that I qualities that I like about myself but also some that I would seek to improve on. My strengths include time management, positivity, motivation, honest. My weaknesses involves being very impatient, anxious and occasionally distracted. Knowing strengths and weaknesses is huge because being able to evaluate yourself is an invaluable trait when seeking improvement in general.

  9. I think it is very important for people to do a self assessment if they ever want to be successful. You should know your strengths and play them up, and it is equally important to acknowledge your weaknesses so you can work around them/ overcome them. Everyone should also know their opportunities and threats because these can also play a role in your career.

  10. After finishing the self-examine quiz, I realized that I am good with technology and small groups not one hundred present great with large numbers. I don’t really care about working in a large or small company as long as it’s financially stable. I have realized that I am pretty flexible at this time of my life, because I am single and with no family holding me back. I learned over the year that a job title does not matter to me as much as being happy and making a nice amount of money. I would like to be able to have a life outside of my job.

  11. I believe self-assessments are very important to becoming a successful individual, and I think one should perform them often. Creating goals for yourself is very important, and one of the ways to help achieve goals, is analyzing your actions in the past, so you can fix them in the future. Performing a self-assessment not only benefits you, but it can benefit the people around you. Self-assessments are vital to becoming successful in the future, simply because one must know themselves, and know what they must fix, before they are able to fix it!

  12. As corny as this may sound, this past year I learned more about myself than I have previously in my nineteen years of life. Not only have I learned that I am stronger emotionally than I originally thought, but I also learnt what sorts of things motivate me and drive me to be who I am. A few months ago, one of my friends made me take the Myer’s Brigg Personality test, and after taking the test I realized that I am an INTJ. In my opinion, taking that test was the first step I needed to take in my self assessment. Moving forward, I now understand certain aspects about myself that will help me determine what my strengths and weaknesses are, where I want to go in life, and how to overcome any weaknesses I may have.

  13. I feel as if self assessments can definitely help in our everyday lives, but can mainly be a tool in preparing for a job hunt. Know ing what you’re best at or worst and analyzing based off of your answers, ob hunting can become easier. Because then you will realize whatever you are capable of or find whatever skill to want to work on in order to get the job you desire. Whatever skills employers are fond of varies so using this technique an individual can better work on themselves to become well-rounded

  14. The marketing perspective of personal self-assessment is an excellent career planning tool, as well as a way for a happy life. Such assessment requires a defining the person’s unique features as the strong sides and characteristics which need to be improved as the weak sides. The correct personal self-assessment will help to create a unique selling proposition for the prospective employers.

  15. It is very important to self assess yourself as you progress in life. It is very rare nowadays that someone sticks with one job for their entire lives. People’s interests change and the world around us is changing constantly. New jobs are created based on our changing environment and it can have an effect on what we are interested in. Therefore, assessing ourselves and assessing our strengths, weaknesses, interests, and even how we like to work is important if we want to have a career that we really enjoy and knowing what direction you want to go in makes for a good impression on perspective employers.

  16. After taking this quiz, it is evident that certain aspects of personality and certain weaknesses are somewhat difficult to come to grips with. It is extremely humbling to sit back and analyze the weaknesses of yourself and why exactly they have become weaknesses. Too often people fail to take blame when situations go wrong because of the inability to accept flaws and shortcomings. However, having a healthy dose of humility and self-awareness is a fantastic trait to have not only in the business world, but just for one’s own advantage as well.

  17. Realizing and evaluating our strengths and weaknesses are not only very important when looking for a career, but it’s also beneficial for ourselves and our relationships with others. By doing this self-assessment, it allows me to realize the aspects of myself that can be improved, as well as those that are good the way they are. It is also important to note that I am always changing and there are always ways in which I can improve myself and I’ll never be perfect. If I fix all of my flaws and become the best person I can be right now, I’m going to get very bored in the future. Self-Assessment and improvement is something that should be constantly done.

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