It can still be tough to land a good internship — especially one that pays!

So, how great would it be to score an internship with one of the firms highlighted by Statisa:

“According to new data from CB Insights, New York-based Two Sigma has the best-paid internships in America with an average monthly base salary of $10,517. The highest-paying tech company on the list is mobile application developer Asana. Founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz in 2008, it pays its interns an average monthly salary of $9,600. Facebook itself comes further down the pecking order, still paying its interns an impressive $8,279 monthly base salary.”

Infographic: The Best-Paid Internships In The U.S. | Statista
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  1. The interested thing is that most of my classmates do not get paid for internship, including me. However, we are still carzy for the internship becuase the most important thing we need is the experience we can put in our resume. As a marketer, the most thing we should do is to market ourselves, and a good experience in resume definitely is a way a market ourselves.

  2. I do not currently have an internship, but I have never seen internship salaries like these before! It would be an incredible opportunity to not only gain experience from an internship, but to get paid a whopping sum as well. Opportunities like this are difficult to obtain, which is why we need to market ourselves / our resumes well. Building our personal brands is a key component into landing internships like these, but I feel that we can do that without the salary. At the end of the day, students will typically accept every internship opportunity they are given for the sole reason of adding value to their resume. Therefore, getting paid that much would be great, but having an internship is more about gaining work experience.

  3. Having just received an interview myself, I was completely surprised that it was paid in the first place. Prior to this, I was under the impression that most internships aren’t paid and that you usually get one for the work experience. Upon finding out that not only was I going to be able to get real work experience and get paid as well, it felt like the company was doing me more of a favor than I was working for them. Looking at these statistics, however, my pay rate is no-where near close to those interns at Snapchat or Two Sigma. It is astounding that these interns are getting paid even more than people who work entry level jobs are! It only makes me wonder about the intense work load they must do each day to earn such high pay.

  4. I find an interesting thing in the article that there are three social media companies that are listed on the list of the best-paid internships in the U.S. I guess the reason why social media companies would like to give their interns best payments is that they really need to appeal more young workers to provide more creative ideas to the companies. The major target consumers of social media companies, especially Snapchat, are young people, so they need to listen to the ideas given by young people.

  5. Yeah, most of my friends got internship without paid but just try to get some experiences from the real world. It’s happy to see those companies treat intern so well and I hear a lot of training program that also teach a lot. For internship, it’s not for money but for getting access to the real word.

  6. From the chart I’ve found that most of the high- paid companies are IT related. I believe the situation was quite different 20 years ago and I assume it would also change 5 or 10 years later. The social and economic environment are changing so fast, S&P 500 index of leading US companies has decreased by more than 50 years in the last century, from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years today, according to Professor Richard Foster from Yale University. I think it’s more important to find a right industry to work instead of just look at the numbers of the salaries and the names of the companies. Working is a process of adding one’s value( the money that you get is also very important), to find your best match is more important than to find a best paid. It’s a good way to know yourself better and find your best match by doing the self- assessment from the link

  7. As I know, most internships are unpaid, but there is still a significant number of students eager for an internship because they can get experience from it, also learn the skills about work and relationship. Besides, students with internships on their resume have a much better chance at landing a full-time position upon graduation. But I think if companies give paid internship like these companies, students would feel more encouraged and satisfied.

  8. This is really interesting. I wish I knew about these “cash cow” companies when I was a freshmen. While, I have had paid internships it was nothing to this effect. The two that probably shocked me the most were Snapchat and Slack as they are both still new companies it’s surprising to see them pay their interns so well.

  9. Most of my friends who have an internship now do not get paid or get paid with little salary. I am surprised by these data! Most students looking for the internship is to obtain more practical experience so that the salary does not matter so much. But more salary is always better.

  10. I am currently looking for an internship as a college student. Even though most internships are unpaid, it would be nice to find an internship that pays. I might look into some of these finance and tech companies because they pay very well and I’m sure it will provide a great working experience for their interns.

  11. It is interesting that the companies who pay the most per intern are finance/technology-based. I had an internship at a financial company this past summer, unpaid, and yet I still learned a decent amount. However, I would have been much more inclined to show up to the internship and learn if it were paid, especially at an average of $8,200 per month. Nevertheless, paying an intern thousands of dollars per month seems absurd to me, but if it is strictly with the intention of cultivating the best employees, the benefits offset the costs incurred.

  12. I have to say the payments of these companies are so amazing. From these figures, I realize the importance of personal ability and skills again. I’m searching some internship in this semester, and almost them are unpaid. A paid intern definitely is attractive for me, however, as a newbie, I think I must ignore the payments because I have no much experience about marketing jobs. Nowadays, the most important thing for me is to get more work experience and increase my skill and ability. I hope I can get the payment like above one day. 🙂

  13. I am surprised to see these datas because most of my friends who get intern and do not get paid or paid little, but actually there are many companies who treat their interns well. Even treated not that well, students still want their internship for experiencing the real world of employed. To better encourage their interns and fully discover their potential, I think companies should consider to offer incentives.

  14. Very few of my friends get paid from internship. However, they still strive for it whatever for resume or for staying in America. To some degree, it is quite difficult for international students to get internships or jobs with a couple of reasons, but we still are willing to go for it.

  15. It is impressive how much money Two Sigma pays their interns. The clear reason is that they want to establish their corporate culture of taking care of their employees. Once these interns graduate college, they are eligible for employment in the company. If the reputation of the company is good, then employees will covet the job more. With this positive image, Two Sigma will continue to thrive because at the end of the day you are only as strong as your weakest link.

  16. I am a firm believer that internships are a vital part for someone to have a long, successful and lucrative career. Although college is important, I believe internships are even more important. There are a lot of things that cannot be learned in a classroom and that is where I think internships come into play. Over the past three years I have had two internships, which eventually became jobs, and what I have learned from them is far more than I would learn in any classroom. Also, that two sigma internship looks pretty awesome, I am going to have to check it out!

  17. When I think of internships, salary never crosses my mind. I’ve always felt that internships were a way for companies to use entry-level students for free labor in exchange or experience or simply an “exclusive/sought after” company name to add to their resumes. Internships, however, are very vital for students because while they receive experience, they are being taught how their studies are applied in the real world, making them more of a fit for future jobs.

  18. It is great that there are company internships that pay well like this. I had both paid and unpaid internship experiences and I got more value out of my paid internships. I gained valuable skills in all of my internships but I feel like the company that paid me also showed me that they valued my experience in helping their business. If a company can afford it, it should definitely pay their interns because it improves their brand image and will make people want to work for them.

    Next bog post should be about how to get an internship at these places. That is something I would love to learn!

  19. Personally, I think that more companies should try to have paid internships. I think that an intern would have more motivation to do well and get more out of their experience at an internship if they were paid. Although internships in general are a great way to get hands on experience in a certain field, interns, especially college student interns, would definitely do a better job if paid. Hopefully I can get an internship at one of these companies in the future!!

  20. It is interesting that many of these companies on this list are relatively new companies. This leads me to believe that the traditional norms of internships, including little to no pay whatsoever, are beginning to change. This greatly plays into the favor of young, aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs, especially considering the difficulty of being able to make enough money to live whilst working the way up the ladder in a company. This also affects older and not as up-to-date companies, because most potential interns will now go nowhere near certain companies who refuse to pay interns if there are a plethora of other options out there that will pay them.

  21. The list of the highly-paid internship is headed by the Two Sigma which pays a salary for its interns about $10,500. It is interesting that the list also includes such companies as Pinterest and Snapchat who pay $9,000 per month on average. Facebook is almost at the bottom of the list, however, still pay impressive $8,250.

  22. As a college student internships are always on the brain. It is reassuring to see that companies are taking the time to financially support their interns. I know scoring an internship with pay like these firms or even pay at all is very difficult but with hard working and great networking, it is possible!

  23. Although I don’t have an internship currently, in high school I interned at Zumba Fitness Headquarters and did not get paid and didn’t really do much. I washed towels and got Cuban coffee. Even though it was only for two weeks, it sucked.
    Many of my friends at Hofstra have had paid internships but I know people that have had unpaid ones. Although many people say that it’s okay to not have a paid internship because you gain experience, there is a great deal of money that is spent commuting to the internship if it is in New York City or if the person doesn’t have a car. Adding up the parking at the train station (or bus fare), the LIRR tickets, the subway (if needed), coffee and lunch, it adds up to a lot of money.
    It is very interesting to see how much these companies pay their interns because very few companies do and if they do pay, its not nearly as much as the companies in the graph.

  24. This to me in unheard of, I have never known of an internship paying more than $20 an hour. I think it is great they these companies are willing to pay interns these large salaries however, I am curious why they pay them this much. Do they feel their addition to the company is worth 10K month or are they preparing them for full time jobs. It would not make sense to me as a manager to pay an intern this much money then get rid of them at the end of the semester. And as an intern I would never want to leave the position unless I was hired full time. All internships should be paid, it is unacceptable to use a student as a hard working employee working amongst paid full time employees and not hire them. I have a paid internship now and I work just as hard as any other employee but I still think I should be making more.

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