The “selfie” phenomenon has gone global and viral in a flash. Millions and millions of people have posted their selfies all over the Web. Surely, you know at least a few people who are selfie fanatics on their social media pages.

One of the most well-known celebrity selfies was taken at the Academy Awards when Ellen DeGeneres hosted. The clip shown below has been viewed more than 4.4 million times at just one YouTube page. It’s pretty funny.

Marketers are also looking to capitalize on selfies in their advertising. Sometimes, though we have to say, will this really sell the product — while we’re laughing? Here’s one example, involving the “Cinnamon Toast Crunch Selfie Spoon.” And yes, it is a real product, that is sold out (yes, really!); but General Mills still maintains a humorous Web page for the product.


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  1. I remember this selfie shot on Academy Awards. Chinese web users call this selfie as “the highest personal value photo in the world”. Some people even calculated these superstars who in the selfie. According to Maurice Lecy, CEO of Publicis Group, the value of this photo could be $0.8-1 billion! This photo was retweeted 810,000 times in 35 minutes that night. Also, according to the data from TV stations, about 37 million audiences have seen this photo.

  2. I think it is extremely interesting that a selfie has become something that people from all age groups have got involved in or at least understand. I think when Ellen took this selfie at the Oscars it was to poke fun at the phenomenon but it has really become part of out current day culture. A selfie spoon might be a little to crazy for some peoples liking but it just goes to show how it has become an obsession in todays society.

  3. There are more and more crazier products being invented or those that have been invented that I think are more impressive than the self-stick spoon. More impressive as in “I can’t believe people actually buy that stuff.” With Ellen and her selfie stick, I think she did it for fun more-so than on a serious note. Ellen is known for her funny and lively personality. If someone wants a quick laugh, searching for a short YouTube clip of Ellen would do it. This is why I think social media is such an important platform in today’s society. It can boost a celebrities ratings by posting such funny videos and it contains laughter for those who want laughter or scary for those who want a good scare.

  4. Well, in my country China, there is a new job that called “Paike”, which is the same as procamera. They earn money from the platforms with clicks and likes. Since there are so many audience are watching their show in the video, so I think marketers should make soft ads into the video, which is very useful for audience to try the product.

  5. It is really a culture to take selfies and post them in social media. I am more interested in the effectiveness of selfies in advertising. I guess, because people accept the culture that we could post selfies in the social media and people are willing to watch those pictures, it could be attractive. So advertisers could use selfies in advertising the products. The advertising including the selfies even attract more attentions.

  6. I think that selfies are a fun way of taking pictures. They can capture a moment that isn’t as easy to capture if someone else is taking the photo the normal way. They are able to show more connection and feelings between all the people that are in the photo. However, I can’t believe that something like a selfie spoon is actually on the market! Yes, there are lots of times that posting pictures of yourself can be relevant but when you are eating cereal is definitely not one of them. I think that product is very unnecessary.

  7. The selfie is a craze that I think is going to be around for a while. It has made taking photos easier when you want to capture something in the moment with you in it. You know what is in the photo since you have the front facing camera and you don’t have to hope for the best if you wanted to get a photo of yourself with something. With this being said, the selfie has become something that is taking over social media. I think it shows how this generation is very focused on themselves. This is a harsh thing to say, and although selfies can boost confidence, posting more than one a day is excessive, I even think more than one a week is too much. It is an amazing tool though that has allowed people to create a more positive image of themselves and also get photos in the moment without the stress of having someone be the photographer. Like anything else, companies flock to the trends to have the next great thing. AKA the selfie stick or in this case, the selfie spoon. Anything gimmicky like that really makes people excited.

  8. The selfie has most definitely become a phenomenon. The selfie at the Oscars and the Selfie Spoon are prime examples of how it has greatly influenced society. I think the simple idea of a front-facing picture, something that everyone can do, is what makes the selfie so marketable. This post just shows how it can be applied to many aspects of our daily lives.

  9. Selfie is really in trend right now. Also, there are so many applications on mobile phones to make you look better, or even do make-ups for you. I have tried those applications, they are really user-friendly and helpful. They can make my acne invisible and sharper my chin. I am not saying it is a good phenomenon, but these applications are really from good marketers who catch the chance and make a lot of money. One of them called Meitu even produces their own phone now. However, some people indicate that over selfie is not healthy in mental, which I totally agree.

  10. I agree that selfies are taking over the world. I for one am guilty of posting a bunch of selfies to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Many young people are taking selfies, and I believe this is something that marketers should jump on. Silly things like a selfie challenge or movement are a great way for marketers to advertise, because selfies on social media can be seen by many people and can help spread the word.

  11. I agree that selfies are taking over the world. I for one am guilty of posting a bunch of selfies to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Many young people are taking selfies and I believe this is something that marketers should jump on. Silly things like a selfie challenge or movement are a great way for marketers to advertise, because selfies on social media can be seen by many people and can help spread the word.

  12. My favorite thing about the selfie trend and the way in which marketers have taken advantage of it is the whole idea of self love. Many people are easily annoyed by selfies because they think it is nothing more than a way for people to attract attention to themselves. What a lot of people don’t realize is the way in which selfies positively impact a persons image of themselves. I know a lot of people who post selfies more for their own satisfaction than for those who will be seeing it. As I’ve seen this trend occur, I’ve noticed how marketers are using selfies as a campaigning technique. I’ve seen numerous companies hold “love yourself” related campaigns and I find it interesting how they’re able to utilize specific aspects of a trend to make profits.

  13. It is crazy to see how the “selfie” phenomenon has evolved. We now consider the word selfie part of our normal vocabulary and it is very interesting to see the different products that have come out due to this phenomenon. I have a selfie stick that I have used during family vacations, and if you would have owned something like this a few years ago, people would look at you like you were crazy. Now it is normal for people to have these products. Yes, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Selfie Spoon is very ridiculous, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people actually bought the product.

  14. I do not quit like taking photos. In my opinion, selfies and photos to are encouraged by social media platforms. People engaged with social media and they post everything they do. To post, they have to take photos and that is why selfie and photos are getting popular.

  15. More and more people love selfie right now. Taking selfies could not only record a memorable moment but also could enhance relationships among people. Recently, a product called Hover Camera was launched and aroused consumers’ attention. Hover Camera is a flying camera that does not need your hands to hold it. It is much easier for people to take selfies. This new technology has proved that more and more businesses are paying attention to earn money from selfies.

  16. In this internet era, especially with the spread and development of the social media, every person has become a self-media. They build their personal brand and promote themselves online. Selfies are their advertisements to show themselves and to draw more followers. A good selfie, such as the Oscar selfie, can become a hot topic for days and weeks. The more followers a user have, the more influential he or she will be. Cooperating with these Internet stars to promote products (e.g. a YouTuber with million followers may use a certain brand cosmetics when she shoots a makeup video) has become a new and powerful marketing approach.

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