Marketing Edge ( is a terrific career resource for those interested in a marketing-related career (OR ANY CAREER!):

“For 50 years, Marketing EDGE, a nonprofit organization, has developed top students to give them the EDGE they need to succeed in a competitive job market, while also providing companies the competitive EDGE of access to top talent and resources. Through our educational and development programs, deep industry connections and access to leading academic institutions, we’ve made a legacy helping the industry find their EDGE and we’re committed to presenting game-changing access and opportunities to improve the rapidly advancing field of marketing for generations to come.”

It offers:


Check out the video below.


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  1. Although I am not a marketing major student, I am interested in this organization. Marketing is a very diverse field. I believe not matter what industry and company I will work, it is important to have the skill of introducing my business, even introducing myself. I have taken several marketing courses during my MBA program. One of the most important things I learn from these courses is how to present myself in a professional way. I am still working on that. There are so many manners and skills I need to learn. I hope I can do better in next interview.

  2. I consider marketing edge as a good program because it prepare more marketing students to get jobs on the market and also provides them the experiment need to facilitate their works. Since it takes many different required skills for a marketing student to get hired, it’s a good thing that the marketing edge creates a system that create more training system that increases students experiences for better educational skills. This can not only make student get jobs but it can also make them become leaders everywhere they gets hire.

  3. The marketing industry consists of a variety of different segments. These segments make up the diverse field that the marketing industry is known for. In my opinion the marketing edge progam is very beneficial because it allows students to get a feel for the field and also help the current employees. It allows students to get experience and learn about the position before they fully commit.

  4. I think Marketing Edge is a good platform for marketing major students to get jobs and receive many precious experiences from other peers.This platform provides professional training system and deep industry connections.

    In addition, marketing is an important department in all the company. Marketing department mainly focus on how to introduce and advertise the company and to gain customers’ trust and attract more customers.

  5. I think that Marketing Edge is a great idea for all students with a Marketing major. In addition to providing their students with more specialized training in their field, it also aids them in getting jobs in the future.

    One thing that I noticed about the video that caught my attention was the emphasis on EDGE or Educate, Develop, Grow, Employ. It was something that stayed in my head even after I finished watching the video.

  6. After watching this informative video, I am extremely interested in Marketing EDGE and what it has to offer. I think it is wonderful how they are aiding in the development of knowledge and support of students and introducing them into the real world. Experience and opportunity is every and in order to set yourself apart from others in the competitive workplace, you need to push yourself. I feel that Marketing EDGE a great steppingstone to put yourself on the next level.

  7. Marketing edge can be a good program for marketing students to get jobs on the market and also provides them with the experenice needed to facilitate their works. Marketing has a variety of segments, therefore it requires different types of skills. They allow students to get more training to increase their experience. It is very beneficial because it allows students to get a better feel for the field.

  8. I think Marketing Edge is a great idea for marketing students and really can help student get out there a lot quicker and easier. Marketing edge really helps students gain more experience in the marketing industry which will help them get hired quicker by a company. I think this a great idea and can really help a lot of people become a leader and accomplish their goals.

  9. There is so much competition in the job world right now and having an organization like Marketing EDGE can help out many people. What most employers look for when hiring someone is their uniqueness and what makes them stand out from the rest of group interviewing for the same job. I know Marketing EDGE, is specially for marketing and businesses involved with marketing, but I still think it’s a fabulous idea. Hopefully, more people heard about this great organization to help them in their search for their edge.

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