Interested in a job in big data analysis or in other aspects of information technology? If yes, check to be sure you have the proper skill set.

As Sharon Florentine writes for CIO:

“Technology is constantly evolving, and IT pros need to keep up with changing skills demands to remain relevant. A recent report from tracked a year’s worth of job postings on the site, from April 1, 2015 to April 1, 2016, to determine growth in demand for certain skills year-over-year. Skills must appear in at least 1,000 job postings in order to be considered statistically relevant.”

“Based on that data, here are the top 10 fastest-growing technology skills IT pros should consider adding to their repertoire, and examples of the types of roles available for professionals with those skills.”


Click on the image to access a slideshow on these 10 skills.

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19 Replies to “Tech Skills for Today’s Job Marketplace”

  1. Individuals need to have the skills before they find the work they like. We have to equip with those kind of skill that the market can really use us. Nowadays, skills need to follow up our world changing demand. There are 10 fastest-growing tech skills in the list. The No.1 is data engineer. Our world are based on data now that is related to our daily life. Data engineer has become the fastest growing technology is understood.

  2. This is unbelievably true and I know first-hand. As a full-time worker at WRHU, I know that the more technical skills I develop, the more likely I am to get a job. So far, I like my chances because I’ve really learned a lot about technology in the last year and a half. In order to progress, you must keep up with the world’s developments.

  3. The future is all about technology, data and engineering. This is the first time that I’ve known all these tech skills. People are living in the data and information, it’s every where, and these skills are creating, building, organizing and maintaining the data, information. I’ve heard big data before, it’s very convenient and smart for people’s life, like we search an item on amazon, and on the other website, the relevant ad would pop up. But sometimes, it’s a threatening to our personal information. Anyway, I believe that these tech skills have more positive effects for our lives.

  4. It is so important for people to know about these things. Technology is incorporated into almost every facet of our lives, and we don’t even realize it. That being said, there was once a time where society built technology, but that is not the case anymore. Now, technology is building society.

  5. It is fun to learn some new technical words. In this 10 tech skills, I have only heard two of them, cloud and big data. People talk about big data all the times. We have a lots of databases and very convenient software can be used to analyze data today. What I think important is that we need to know how to use information after playing the numbers.

  6. Technology has opened up doors to careers that people have never seen before. With the fast growing tech industry it has led to the growth of jobs that people could attain. With great pay could convince people to constantly get people to learn more about it and try and stay ahead of the curve. This has helped younger generations to find their possible success.

  7. About 3 or 4 years ago a professor once said in his speech related to big data that big data is just like teenage sex that everyone talks about it but nobody do it. But now, the application of big data is everywhere. We not only use it, but also develop it and evolve it. In the sliceshow, I only know 4 terms of them. About the most fastest-growing tech skill Spark, I almost know nothing. I think the most important skill is self-learning skill for one tech person.

  8. Technology keeps changing over time so it’s very important for us to adopt ourself to each new technology in order to get the job done. IT workers by example need to keep learning new skills in order to facilitate their work. Plus technology has create a good environment of jobs. It is important that we take advantage of it by knowing the materials.

  9. In order to produce meaningful reports from big data, most must have financial knowledge, mathematical skills (like statistics, algebra, etc.), computer knowledge and problem solving skills. In the manufacturing, there is a production cost control, supply chain management, cash flow management, logistic and marketing strategies. All require big data analysis and predictive models to identify abnormalities, patterns, correlations, unusual trends and movements.

  10. Technological booming is the current trend in the market, one have to equip himself or herself to stay competitive in the business sector as these technological skills would allow companies or firms to work effectively and accurately that could affect their marketing strategies. The database storage will be beneficial for companies to understand the purchasing behavior of the consumers, while these data are easily extracted and managed by someone who understands the system. Enabling companies to decide its form of distribution channels and pricing that could meet the needs of the consumers.

  11. Technology has increased tremendously over the past few years allowing users to become more innovative. In order to be competitve in the business industry it is important to stay updated with new technology to show that you are always looking to improve. Database storage is very effective for business companies because it allows them to create new strategies that will benefit the organization successfully. By technology increasing it has created a number of jobs and given workers in the field the tools they need.

  12. With any new job and or opportunity that might come your way, you definitely want to know anything and everything about what you are working on, this in a sense, makes your life easier. With that being said, technology is always changing and people need to begin to adapt to these new changes.

  13. Technology has become such a big part of our lives in the past couple of years. I completely agree with this article, about how the demand for IT has increased tremendously. About couple of weeks ago, when I went to go visit PwC, an accounting firm, I was told how they are looking for students who have some background on IT, data analytics, and excel. If we, accounting majors, need to learn this, I can’t even image how much more IT pros are required to know. But I do believe that it is very essential for people in business to have a basic knowledge on IT.

  14. In this day and age it is most important to have a skill set before applying them to your career path. Technology is driving the world forward, faster than ever and in order to allow your business and career to prosper, you need to be a head of the games and learn as many skill sets as you can. You never know when one day you might need to utilize the skills you learned in the homework assignment you didn’t want to do.

  15. Technology has become a very intricate part of our everyday live over the past 10 years. It has evolved at an incredible rate that can be sometimes hard to keep up with. In the article, it talks about how IT has recently increased in demand. Many employers are looking for new college graduates who have background in IT and how to use excel. When I took the IT class here at Hofstra, my professor placed a ton of emphasis on how important excel is going too be in our working careers. IT has become a very intricate part in business and in life and we can only assume that it will continue to evolve in the coming years.

  16. Technology has such an impact on our lives that we don’t even realize it sometimes. There were so many things that i didn’t even know existed in that slide show. But it shows that it really does help to know these things to help people get a job because they will be more qualified. So its really important to keep up with technology now and days because it is taking over the society in everything we do.

  17. In today’s society, everyone needs skills of knowing technology, but when it comes to people who are going into IT they need to be more advanced than the rest since that is their career and everyday life. Since the future is all about technology and advancements in it that are taking places, IT major or people in the field of IT or any type of computer/technology career need to further their education every few years, since it is becoming more demanding and changing so much more often each time. Having the skills at first for the career, today, is not enough anymore, now you need to more than you are being asked and need to be furthering and advancing your computer and technology skills as often as a person can to keep in the job market place for a good job position.

  18. Business analytics, big data, and information technology are growing industries in today’s society. Technology is constantly evolving, which means that we have to keep up date with what is new in the industry. Also, Azure is a crucial thing to know because it can help in mobile app development or with web analytics.

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