The American Express OPEN Forum has produced a valuable video, All Are Welcome Here,  based on the acceptance of diversity:

“More than 10,000 small business owners around the country are sending a message. They want their communities to know that all customers are welcome to walk through their doors regardless of religion, country of origin, or immigration status. Amanda Ballantyne of the Main Street Alliance and Elana and Danny Schwartzman, the owners of the Common Roots Café in Minneapolis, tell us about the ‘All Are Welcome Here’ campaign.”


Here is the headline of a poster prepared by the Main Street Alliance.


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  1. When it comes to an environment people want to feel welcomed. Regardless of who they are they should all be welcomed to shop and do whatever they want to do. Even though, I feel that everybody should feel welcome regardless, this is a way to help reassure people that everybody is welcome regardless of their gender, race, or religion.

  2. I like the think of the Unites States as a salad bowl. We are a country where we have a number of different cultures coming together and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Needless to say, people should be able to feel comfortable going in to stores regardless of what religion, culture, race, ethnicity, etc. they are. Having these flyers posted on the windows of small businesses is definitely a way for people to feel more comfortable and welcomed.

  3. To me it is crazy to think that in this day in age that people are still judged and or kicked out of a place due to their race or religion. Something as simple as hanging a piece of paper outside the window really can make a difference. With over 10,000 businesses already participating, I am excited to see how this movement will grow.

  4. Wow, I think that this is an awesome campaign. Over the past couple of months, in the news and through the presidential debate there has been a lot of negativity and I think that it is very refreshing to see businesses take a stand for what they believe in. From a business aspect, depending on where the business is located, it is also a smart business move. It shows minorities and people of all types that they are welcome somewhere and their diversity is accepted despite what the news and social media may say.

  5. What a great concept! This is why I chose to come to United States of America and now I plan on settling down here. USA is indeed full of diversity and immigrants and it always has been welcoming to people from around the world. But it recently felt like the feeling had died and this initiative is a great think for the awakening.

  6. Its sad that in this day in age we still are judging people on their race or religion and its sad that hanging a piece of paper up on a door can let people know they feel comfortable. I do think it is an awesome idea so people feel safe and welcomed no matter what back ground you come from its just not good that we have to do things like this to make everyone feel welcomed. I do like the idea, it makes everyone happy.

  7. I find it sad that in this time of age, nationality, religion, and race are still something people discriminate about. Though it is a great idea to reassure people and to show people that any group is accepted, i think it shouldn’t have to be a thing anymore in the 21st century.

  8. I still remember I took a class in collage, China, several years ago named American Culture. Here was a saying I saw on the textbook, “The U.S. is a melting pot, also a salad bowl.” I actually feel what it means, what is culture differences after I come here for the MBA program. It is fun to work with people come from different places and have distinct backgrounds. I am supportive of this campaign.

  9. It’s a really inspiring campaign for small business owners. Every customer should be welcomed no matter what political environment we are under. It is great to know that small business owners are acting as leaders of the communities and are taking the responsibilities to support the community. By having these flyers, those minorities will feel warm and welcomed. The small business owners can also express their kind heart to whoever comes to their shops.

  10. Having this campaign is very important, especially in America since we are known as the “melting pot,” referring to the blend of different cultures and people. Furthermore, with everything that has been going on in the world with terrorism, it’s important to remind people that it’s not okay to target and blame a certain group for all the violence and crime that is occurring. And also it’s not okay to treat someone different because of their gender, race, and sexual orientation. I’m really glad that this Welcome campaign has started and hopefully it spreads quickly.

  11. This is an awesome idea! It is sad how much hateful rhetoric there is in today’s society. With Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, the amount of hate is just increasing every day. People should be able to feel comfortable and safe wherever they are, especially at work.

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