Companies often spend a lot of time and money to build brand popularity and have a unique brand image — and then work hard to sustain it over time.

Below is an interesting infographic on the images that several popular brands seek to present to consumers, from the Translation Company:

“Creating a strong brand identity is an integral aspect of any consumer business, and a large part of any brand identity lies in its name. While many brands are simply named after their founders, others have more interesting origins. Some brand names take inspiration from ancient mythology, some are completely made-up, and some arrive in the world out of pure luck. We’ve taken a look at some of the most recognizable brands from around the world to find out just how and why they got their names – we’re sure that a fair few will surprise you!



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  1. I really agree with this article. Company needs several years to build a brand. A popular brand will have many positive effect in selling products and services. For example, when we are thinking about coffee, we might first think about “Starbucks” so we would defintely go there and buy one. For sports shoes, maybe nike or addidas. For cosmetics, maybe Sephora will come up with our minds.

  2. I really agree with this article. Company needs several years to build a brand. A popular brand will have many positive effect in selling products and services. For example, when we are thinking about coffee, we might first think about “Starbucks” so we would defintely go there and buy one. For sports shoes, maybe nike or addidas. For cosmetics, maybe Sephora will come up with our minds.

  3. I definitely agree with this. In order to have a large status as a business, the brand can either make or break you. For example, when somebody needs a tissue, if they say “I need a Kleenex,” they’ll assume you mean tissue. It’s because Kleenex has established itself so much that their name has just become synonymous with the product.

  4. It’s so interesting to know these stories of famous companies. The name and its meaning is one of the most important things for a company. The name should be meaningful and has something to tell and also easy to remember and spread. By the way, I love the name and story of SUBARU.

  5. Anyone who has the slightest idea of business marketing knows that creating strong brand is very important. It helps get the name out there and known for something that a person can remember. As shown by this illustration we can see the meaning behind these companies names, but in all honesty we know these company’s names because they’re all huge brands that are easily recognizable by their logo.

  6. A brand is one of the most valuable assets of a business, and it needs to be carefully crafted to ensure it properly and authentically represents the business. I think a brand is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers, and it will bring the positive effect to the company. Sometimes the brand will recall the days of childhood to us, like the brand “LEGO”.

  7. When it comes to a business it is important to have a brand. It is something that will make the customers know what that product might be selling. If people see that logo or slogan they will quickly know your brand and want to buy that product that you are selling. I feel that having a brand can make or break your business it is something that is very important to do regardless of the industry.

  8. I agree with this article because it is very important that a company creates a strong brand that consumers will remember and want to be a part of. The companies brand is what will have the ability to allow the business to grow or decline depending on how well they do. It is one of the most important factors for a company because it is what consumers remember when they walk into a store and look for. For example the company Nike has a very popular logo that everyone knows what company it is when they see. When a customer goes in the store looking to buy Nike clothes, they specifically look for the company logo because it is something that Nike has stuck in our head. This is an example of how having a strong brand can effectively benefit the company.

  9. It is fun to learn the meaning of famous brands. A brand is not only the logo of a company. A brand is an intangible asset of a company, it also refers to the culture and value of the company. The logo just the most visible aspect of the brand. Starbucks has changed its logo three times, while the brand becomes more and more famous in the world. It is not easy to establish and enhance a brand in different countries. But once a company has succeeded in building its brand, it will have very positive effects on its business.

  10. I definitely agree with the importance of brand, which have a wide range of uses for businesses, products and individuals in today’s dynamic marketing landscape where publishing and message distribution are no longer limited to media entities. However, because of popular brands always focused by customers, continually maintaining the high brand value should cost much.

  11. I would kinda always wonder how would these giant super brands in the market pick their names. Because name is what you are going to carry forward. Sometimes comapanies simply pick the name of the founder or sometimes companies tend to pick name related to their product service or sometimes companies like apple will pick name of a simple fruit and end up being the best electronics company of the world.

  12. It’s so interesting to know these stories of famous companies and I definitely agree with this article. A good brand connects with people at an emotional level, they feel good when they buy the brand. Purchasing is an emotional experience and having a strong brand helps people feel good at an emotional level when they engage with the company.

  13. It’s pretty cool to see how company’s came up with their names, even if they mean nothing. Names like Dasani and Haagen-Dazs sound so fancy and expensive but it’s interesting to see that they’re just completely made up. Also names like Adidas that people think have a meaning is actually just a version of the founders name. I guess those 3 brands were the lucky few that have no meaning but took off anyway.

  14. For a business to be successful it needs to have a appealing brand name. Many big companies have an attractive brand name. And article is explains how companies came up with their brand names which is pretty cool. I always wondered how companies came up with their brand names.

  15. The following article was interesting to read because I never really put too much thought into the brand name of a company. The article opened up my eyes to why or if a company is named after something. Some were creative and others were straightforward. From now on I will be more alert to brand names.

  16. This article is really interesting because these are brands that we use everyday, and yet we don’t know where their brand names came from. Brand identity is a very important aspect of a successful business and it is interesting to see how relevant the name is to the product that the brand offers to consumers.

  17. Establishing a company name and image that is recognizable by the public usually takes years and well-structured marketing strategy. Even though names of the company sometimes have a deeper sense of meaning that encompasses the company’s vision and principle of operating, but sometimes it can also be arranged and organized in a way that it will be easier to pronounce as well as recognizable for the customers. In addition, the names of the company are associate with the market segment being as well. For example, when one mentions fast food, the first thing that comes to mind will be McDonald’s, while one mentions furniture, it will be IKEA and etc.

  18. I agree with the article. For any business, firstly the business create the brand, and when the brand is well known, it will brings extra value back to company. For example, when customers choosing specific products such as automobile or laptop, they would prefer the brand they are familiar with. The good brands would affect the first choice of customers, also to some extent it could increase customers’ loyalty.

  19. I really like this article because I know many favorite brand names’ origins. For example, Pandora comes from Greek mythology. Apollo gave the gift of music to Pandora. This is a so romantic story and the company choose this name as a jewelry brand name.

    And I totally agree with this idea that creating a strong brand identity is an integral aspect of any consumer business, and a large part of any brand identity lies in its name. A successful brand name can bring many extra profit and reputation back to the company. A good brand is a very important intangible assets.

  20. This is a very interesting post. It’s true that many companies spend a lot of time and money on brand and brand image. Brand is one of the fast way to help consumers understand the company, so companies always trying to build a meaningful brand to make it impressive.

  21. I like this article, because I think that it is interesting how many of these company names were thought of just as a coincidence. For example “Fanta” being just a play on words of Fantastic is pretty great.

  22. It’s interesting how much you can know about a person by their name. The same is also true for companies and their products. I was actually very surprised after reading some of these companies name and their meaning. It can also show what the company’s goal and mission is and how they want to be seen by their consumers. For example, I never knew that Verizon meant truth, and they wanted to be known for integrity and respect. One thing I can say for sure is that they lived up to their name, because I have been a Verizon customer ever since I got a phone.

  23. It is extremely important for companies to have brands that are identifiable and unique. It is amazing to me that I can look at this list and instantly determine what each company sells, how they market their products, and the quality of their products just because I recognize their logo. Nike is known around the world for selling quality sports products and their iconic swoosh is identifiable by nearly everybody in the developed world. By placing your roots in something as ancient as Greek gods, then you are able to create something as unique and as meaningful as the Nike swoosh and their other branding. Some of these companies are really unique in their branding and drew their names from odd places, like Fanta and Kodak just being a play on words (kind of).

  24. It is actually amazing how brand names have made an impact on society and culture. Granted, it takes some time to develop a brand and accumulate supporters, but once you gain those customers, they become loyal to the brand. Brands like Nike and Starbucks are household names that everyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows. It is actually funny how some of the most popular brand names were inspired by meanings that are so simple but yet so catchy. I guess you don’t necessarily need to think out of the box to develop a brand name, you can just simplify exactly what your product is and go with that.

  25. I think this article is really interesting. Being a public relations major, and obviously taking marketing 101, I am familiar with the fact that brands have to make a name for themselves in order to stand out, especially from those companies that are similar to theirs. It is also interesting to see how some of these name brands came about, and the history behind them. One in particular that I enjoy is adidas due to the fact that I wear this brand pretty often.

  26. I like this article for many different reasons. Besides the point that it informed me on why companies that I use everyday chose the brands that they did, it also places the emphasis on the importance of developing a solid brand. If the above companies had not developed their brands as well as they did, they would not be so well known today and they would not have the national support that they have.

  27. In order to have a title for a company and be recognized as a brand, you need to make a name for yourself not just pick a name and think that everyone will remember it. When companies spend money and time to make their brand name famous is because to make sure that the company is gaining money from what has been put in the branding. In my opinion, it is very important and very interesting how each company has their own brand name and each company has description of how it came up with it or why does it have the specific name that they came up with.

  28. It’s really interesting to hear the story behind many of the popular brands that have been apart of our lives for all we can recount. A brand name can often be relative to the product or service, however as the article shows other popular brand names are simply inherited, a name or made up. Consumers rely on a brands identity in order to provide reassurance that quality is upheld in their product or service.

  29. I found this very interesting finding out where the the origins of well known brands are from and the meanings behind it. I like when companies have a great meaning behind their name because it provides a lot of character and that they really care about the brand itself.

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