The flavors of the foods that we eat often are manipulated by the food producers. This can result in flavors that we love — but that are not naturally available. What do YOU think of this practice? Is it consistent with many consumers quest for healthier, natural foods?

Take a look at these two YouTube videos to see what companies do to create flavors.



7 Replies to “How Food Flavors Are Created”

  1. It’s no secret that the flavorings in our food today are far from natural. As the first video states, we have all these outrageous flavors that can’t possibly come from the simple seasonings that were once used to enhance the flavor of different foods. While I don’t think it is the healthiest thing in the world for people to consume these artificial items in excess, I am not opposed to them being used. As long as we are fully aware of what we are eating and there is no danger being posed to us by these flavorings, there isn’t much to worry about. On the other hand, if you’re concerned about eating natural foods, you have to look closely at packaging and see what might have been altered. The moral of the story is that as long as these flavors aren’t making people sick, I don’t see any harm in having watermelon flavored Oreos.

  2. I believe that these processes are really unnatural. Nowadays people are conscious about what they eat and how it will affect their body. Adding these flavors to any and everything will cause the public to not know what they are eating anymore. Are we even sure that these chemicals have no negative effects on the human body? I have no problem with root beer flavored lollipops as long as the chemicals used to create that flavor don’t lead to some type of life-threatening cancer.

  3. This way of changing flavors is very unnatural and may affect the human body system. This is why many people become sick from cancer and not knowing how they got sick from catching cancer. That’s because they don’t exactly know what they consuming. As long as if the drink taste good they think its ok for them to drink it and not even caring about how it was made. I think this way of producing flavors need to be stop because I believe it is unhealthy. I think this is a bad way of making profit because I feel like any companies who sells unnatural flavors made products to customers doesn’t care about the health of their customers. When consumers buy any drinks from any companies they assuming that their health will remain strong after drinking the product. If anyone know that most of drinks made by a company are all chemically made many people will try to avoid the drinks of that company. This is why company keeps it more secretly. This should stop it is not healthy at all.

  4. I feel that nowadays it is so hard to find any foods that are naturally produced. Company’s manipulate our food so much that sometimes it is far from what it is supposed to taste like. I believe that this is fine for people who may not care as much, however, it should not affect our bodies in any negative ways. Until we see that this is something that is dangerous and harming our health, company’s should have the right to keep doing what they are doing. However, for others who prefer to eat products without the manipulation of food flavors there should be company’s who don’t tamper with the flavoring.

  5. Many conflicts arise when it comes to this topic of is it okay to consume artificial flavors instead of natural? Personally, any food product label you read will tell you the facts. It is up to the person buying the product to read the labels and understand the nutrition facts about that food product to decide if he/she should purchase it. Yes, I will agree that all unatural things are not the best for the body. However, with education on natural and unatural food items, it all comes down to the person paying for it. Most natural food products are more expensive which drives consumers away from wanting to eat healthier. This can cause frustration. I do think that the colors/ flavors a food company produces are important for advertisement and profit. However, they should be more naturally flavored.

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