As we reported last year (2015), for those with a college degree, CareerBuilder rates multiple Marketing careers quite highly in 2016: Marketing Manager at Number 3 and Sales Manager at Number 4.

Take a look at CareerBuilder’s “Top Jobs for 2016” survey:

“If finding a new job in 2016 is among your New Year’s resolutions, new research from CareerBuilder could provide some guidance about where to start. In partnership with Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), CareerBuilder compiled a list of the hottest in-demand jobs. The list consists of occupations where the number of job ads companies post each month outpace the number of people they actually hire. The list includes other data points, such as job growth and salary, which together indicate that these well-paying occupations have seen healthy growth and may be in demand in the coming year.”

“This analysis uses EMSI’s extensive labor market database, which pulls from over 90 national and state employment resources. CareerBuilder and EMSI looked at the average number of people hired per month in more than 700 occupations from January 2015 to September 2015 and compared that to the number of job postings for each occupation (aggregated from online job sites for the same period).”

MKT jobs 2016

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