There are all kinds of best lists that appear at this time of year. We’re noting a few of them. In the area of innovation, one of the coolest (pun intended. 🙂 ) lists is a ranking of the coolest products of the year.

Bartie Scott has identified 15 cool new products in 2015 for Inc. Here are a few of them.

Lily Robotics Drone: Toss this flying camera into the air, and it will soar above, behind, or around its user like a futurist homing pigeon. Set to ship in early 2016 for a presale price of $799 (regularly $999), Lily’s launch video got more than nine million views on YouTube.”

Hammerhead: This navigation system ($85) hitches a ride on your bike’s handlebars. By connecting to your phone’s Bluetooth, the lights flash directions when approaching turns. Hammerhead raised more than $190,000 on crowdsourcer Dragon Innovation.”


LulzBot Mini 3D Printer: Using open-source hardware, Aleph Objects is expanding the reach of 3-D printing for designers and entrepreneurs with this desktop printer. The $1,350 home printer has received outstanding reviews on its handling of precise detail.”


Click the image below for the full slideshow of the top 15.


21 Replies to “Inc.’s Coolest New Products for 2015”

  1. The most attracting thing is the Mini 3D printer. In the future, 3D will slowly replace the 2D printer. People can use a 3D printer to print out a lot of things. Popularizing 3D printer makes it all easier. Of course, the future may also need to solve the problem of operating software and the size.

  2. The most innovative design to me in the Lily Robotics Drone. This thing actually follows behind you like a bird and record. Its one of those things I have to see to believe. With all these products I would wait before purchasing to see some of the faults. Usually manufacturers fix these faults when coming out with the new versions.

  3. There are so many awesome new product this year that I was unaware about. Obviously drones and mini seaways are becoming very popular, but there are some other products I didn’t know about that also seem pretty cool. I like the wireless ear buds by Bragi and how it tracks your body movements. I’m just concerned if they will stay in your ears when your running. Also, the tracker you can attached to your car keys or any other item you lose often seems like a really useful product and I’m surprised it wasn’t thought of sooner. Also, the iON SnapCam might become very popular since people are always reaching for their phones to get a picture or video of something right away.

  4. All of these products (excluding the MonoRover R2) interest me greatly. For the most part, these products are meant for entertainment purposes or for added convenience in everyday life. The one that interests me the most is the 3-D printer, as many people have argued that it could, and likely will, have a large impact on industries such as the food business, medical services, and any sort of factory work/assembling. I will be interested in seeing how some of these products will be received and how they do out in the market.

  5. I had no idea how many cool new products Inc. came out with this year. All of these products are very interesting in their own way. My favorite product was the 3D printer. This sort of product is something that will become more and more popular over time

  6. The drone is my most favorite product listed in this blog post. Recently my sorority used one to shoot a recruitment video. The shots that the drone was able to capture were amazing and made the video look super professional. Also, it gave the video more of a unique look to it which separated it from other recruitment videos. It is definitely going to be a “must-own” product for people who love film and pictures. I might even buy one and I am not very tech savy!

  7. The most interesting product has to be the 3-D printer. Although currently quite expensive, I believe they will become cheaper as the years go on and will slowly replace the household 2-D printer. The 3-D printer just has so many more practical uses than a 2-D printer, providing an actual model of the thing that you would like to print.

  8. There are so many cool products that came out in 2015 but my favorite by far has to be the 3-D printer. Although its quite expensive, I think for some people it would be a great investment. It would allow you to print an actual model of whatever you are looking at. I think 3-D printers are the coolest and most useful thing on this list.

  9. My favorite of the products listed was the Qwerkywriter. It is a simple keyboard with the appearance nostalgic flare of a time without computers. I have always love the idea of typewriters but they are so expensive just to buy a refurbished one. Having this keyboard would be the best of both worlds.

  10. I must say, most of these items are pretty interesting and innovative. One of the items I like a lot is the TrackR Bravo because if i lose my key or something valuable that i could attach the TrackR Bravo to, i could find it. Most of these items are pretty expensive, so I don’t see me buying anything here soon. If i had to choose one item, I would probably get the 3-D printer mainly because they are pretty hyped these days since printers generally print in 2-D so having a 3-D version of what you wanted is really cool.

  11. All of these products are really amazing, I like them all. But the most attractive product for myself would be the 3D printer. It is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes.
    Maybe the price is a little bit high, but this is really cool and make impossible become possible. With the development of technology, I believe the price will reduce rapidly, maybe 3 or 5 years later, it will replace the 2D printer at all.

  12. These products all do sound really cool, interesting, and innovative. Some of my favorites have to be the TrackRBravo and the mini 3D printer. The first product is just extremely useful in day to day life meanwhile ive always been intrigued by the idea of 3D printing and it would be awesome to have one and print some unique items but unfortunately these products are very expensive today.

  13. Of course, those innovations are pretty cool and they are already come into our lives. The flying camera can help people take pictures and move freely no matter on the ground or in the air, that is new revolution in the photographic industry. 3D printer I think is the most important innovation in the world in recent years. 3D printer is convenience, it will change our role in the real life, because we not only are customer, but also we could be inventor. 3D printer allows us create things that DIY product will disturb the current market structure. So I am looking the 3D printer’s future in curiosity.

  14. These products are amazing. One thing I found very interesting is that most of those innovations have some connections with smartphones. It is a fact that smartphones make our life easier. For some high-tech companies, they should foresee this opportunity to make people’s life easier by inventing devices connected with cellphones.

  15. The one that attracts me the most is the Lily Camera. I remember during class when I saw the video I actually googled it and considered buying it as a gift for my family. So far a continuous 20 minute flight for a drone camera is relatively quite a long time, needless to say the cute puppyness that Lily follows you around! I would definitely purchase this item when it is more mature.

  16. The product that I found most interesting was the Lily Robotics Drone. I originally thought that the idea of strapping a Go Pro to your chest or to your head and being able to film your surroundings was innovative, however this product far surpasses that. The Lily Robotics Drone allows you not only to film your surroundings, but to include yourself in the picture. However, the price of this product turns me off a little bit.

  17. Being that I am very interested in tech development I found this post to be extremely interesting. In one of our product innovations we discussed the Lilly drone in some detail and while I do feel the product is very cool and innovative I am somewhat skeptical about some of the more functional features such as battery life and tracking capability.
    In addition to the drone I also find the personal 3D printer to be very intriguing especially at a price point under $1500.

    The high “cool” ranking of both the drone product and the 3D printer show a moving trend towards finding high tech products retrofitted for personal use to be perceived as being trendy. In decades past if a drone or a 3D printer had be developed it would likely be used primarily in commercial application however in our generation there is a clear move towards personalized high tech products.

  18. Lily is perhaps one of the most promising products of these list. This innovative flying camera will perhaps substitute other action cameras such as go pro. recently the shares of go pro have been declining at a fast pace and is mostly because investors stopped looking at the go pros potential. One of the reasons perhaps why go pro has gone down so much is because of Lily, probably many people are betting higher success in cameras like lily than in the old fashioned go pro.

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