Looking to improve your writing skills? [We ALL should be. 🙂 ]

Take a look at the tips/tools offered by Lindsay Kolowich for HubSpot:

“Whether you’re a published author or just starting to blogging, it’s not always easy to string words in a way that makes sense, sounds good, and makes a reader feel something. But every marketer should be able to write — and, more importantly, every marketer can write. It’s just a matter of finding the writing environment that works best for you, expanding your vocabulary, asking for feedback (and listening to it), and practicing.”

 Click the image to see Kolowich’s tips/tools for better writing.


8 Replies to “31 Tips to Improve Your Writing”

  1. This is the perfect blog post to post simply because we do have a paper that is due Monday. Therefore, in order for us to do well on it, we can look at these tips to help us better our writing. I think that the hemingway app is brilliant! I know I get lost in my writing sometimes, therefore making sentences unclear. Even when I proof read my papers, I can over look these mistakes. Sometimes I do not even notice that these mistakes are indeed mistakes. This app is able to catch certain sentences that are unreadable and help the writer fix the mistake. I will definitely be using this app for my term paper, thanks!

  2. I think this was a pretty interesting blog post. This could definitely help me write better since my writing is not the greatest. Regardless of writing poor or not, I think this article is good for anyone, even if you are a good writer. My believe is you could know all of it, but if atleast one good tip/advice comes out of it, its worth it.

  3. I thought that the list of tips was interesting because I have never heard of many of those sites. There were some ideas and websites on the list that I think will definitely help improve my writing. I liked the site that gave you something to write about each morning. Some of the grammar tools looked like they would definitely be helpful and I even checked out a few of the sites while reading the list. I look forward to implementing some of the techniques into my writing here on out.

  4. I think it’s very important no matter what your career path is that you should be able to write well. My writing skills is not the best as it can be so these tips can really help me with improving my writing

    1. This post is an extremely useful and interesting one. It comes at a time when we have our own papers due soon and could helps us acheive a better grade on the assignment. I know for someone like me who isnt the best writer that following some of these tips or checking some of the websites shown can help me a great deal.

  5. I personally think this blog post is extremely helpful and interesting. Being that I myself am not the best writer know that these tips will help me out in the future. I believe that there is always room for improvement, and no matter what someone chooses to do with their life, writing is a skill that will always come in handy.

  6. This is great information. I am personally not the best writer so these tips were very helpful to me. I am not much of a reader either but I have learned that if I get into reading and try writing more than I could eventually become a good writer. I just sometimes feel like it takes a lot of time and effort. It usually takes a lot of double and triple checking your writing. One thing that always helps for me is to read out loud. I can always find my mistakes and try to improve them in any way. I am trying to stay organized and learning to keep my thought in the same sections of the pages.

  7. I loved this article because I am a terrible writer and it takes me so long to get focused on writing papers because I simply have no motivation to write if I have no interest in the topic. There were so many apps that would help me that I had never heard about before. The ZenPen, for example, seems like a cool one to simply distract you from the monotony of writing essay after essay on a Work document with the same font every time. Writing daily would be excessive because I just don’t have the time for that in my hectic schedule, but I have noticed that the more often I write, the better I get. They also mentioned having a timer, which would definitely help me because I write better under pressure because I have more motivation to focus.

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