Each year, the number of consumers who shop at multiple formats — including both off-line and online — increases.

To better understand these shoppers, MasterCard recently published: The Retail CMO’s Guide to the Omnishopper — “What transaction data and consumer insights say about the attitudes and behaviors of tomorrow’s global customers.”

Consider this from MasterCard:

“The days of mono-channel and the un-digital shopper are over. Today’s consumer is coming at merchants from all angles, as she considers an accelerating set of content, payment methods, and offers. Retailers and manufacturers alike must cease to market to an exclusive channel. Their focus must not be on channel, but on the master of multiple channels. Retailers must market to tomorrow’s customer: the omnishopper. The retail CMO who does so intelligently will know where to place the next bet. Because the consumer is already one step ahead.”

Click the image to access the full MasterCard report.


9 Replies to “Better Understanding the Mind of the Multichannel Shopper”

  1. This is a very valuable analysis and forecast. For international students, before we came to U.S. our parents always prepared one or two credit card for supporting our living expenses. And when we come here, gradually we know that if we have the American debit card and credit card, we will get more benefits. Another problem is asking social security number, and it is not easy for first year students getting a ssn, but an interesting thing is that the branches of BOA near Universities always can agree to give a credit card to students who don’t have ssn. so you will not surprise that the boa credit card is the first credit card of the most international collage students . However, when international students get ssn, they always choose to get another two credit card- Discover and American express, and also gradually giving up to use the boa credit card, because Discover and American express always give more benefits not only the cash bonus but also flight miles. Therefore, i think all other cards or merchant need to pay more attention to these consumption behaviors .

  2. I think that the section about omnishoppers admitting to being better shoppers now than they used to be before the digital platform became prevalent holds a lot of truth. I know from my own shopping experience that if I do not feel that something is a good deal and I can find it for less, I am likely to pull out my phone while I am shopping and search the item to see if there is a better deal for it. Before omnishopping became common, consumers did not have their phones at their convenience to quickly compare prices within seconds. Also, Key Finding #5 is definitely true. With barely enough time to even sit down to eat, consumers are likely to go to specific stores. They become comfortable with these stores, know the layouts, and can navigate them quickly.

  3. I think that companies should have been marketing to a wider consumer market since the beginning. Now with technology being such a huge influence in everyone’s lives, I think that this should have been a thought way before now. If I shop online, not only do I have a wide variety but I can choose exactly what I want. If I shop in the store, I learn about the other methods of shopping that they might have, such as an app or a catalogue, etc. With these options also come many other options to pay with, especially because of technology. You used to be able to send a check, give a credit card number, or pay with cash. Now you can use things like Apple Pay, PayPal, and many other online outlets. All of these options need to be accommodated, so bravo to MasterCard for sending out the message of needing to expand who companies market to.

  4. I have an online store, and I like shopping a lot. both online shopping and offline shopping is very attractive to women. For offline shopping, it is very relax to go shopping in the mall, and women would have a good mood from it. For online shopping, we have a lot of choice, and we can see a lot of nice pictures, will will have more imagination and more surprise. So they won’t replace each other.

  5. I am a multi-channel shopper. However, I would like to shop from a physical store rather than shopping online. Because I feel unsecured when I cannot see and touch the product by myself, especially for clothes and cosmetics. I have to admit online shopping is a brilliant innovation. It not only creates a new channel for lazy people, also if I cannot buy something I want at physical stores, I can search online, and most likely I would find and buy it.

  6. I think that companies and businesses need to take this analysis into account when marketing for their products. Multichannel shoppers are becoming more and more relevant. Even though some people only like shopping online or only like shopping in a store there are some people like myself who prefer to do both. There may be deals that the store is offering then the website is not and even vise versa. I feel that it is very important for businesses and companies to understand these types of shoppers in order for their company to thrive and flourish even more.

  7. On consumer preferences is obtained by monitoring consumer spending record, recommend suitable to him or to his preference for consumer information, further promote his consumption, it’s a good cycle.

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