The effectiveness of slogans, trademarks, tag lines, and other promotional tools can sometimes make or break a brand. That is why so many companies are so engaged in these tools.

As noted by Lindsay Kolowich for HubSpot:

“You might not remember the exact content of the Taco Bell commercial you saw last week, but you probably remember the punchy slogan — ‘Think outside the bun’ — followed by the ding of a bell. What makes a slogan like Taco Bell’s so sticky? How can you make sure yours will be memorable, too? For data-driven tips on what makes a slogan successful, check out the infographic below from SiteProNews. You’ll learn the factors of what makes a great slogan and get examples of some of the most successful slogans of all time. (And check out this blog post for a more in-depth look at some brands with really catchy slogans.).”



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  1. I agree with the expert from ZinePak that “…the best taglines are simple and memorable…” I was not surprised to read through these slogans as the most successful because they were easy for me to recall hearing on commercials. Many of the slogans, such as those of Disney and McDonald’s have maintained their slogans for years, and I remember hearing them from a young age. Additionally, I think that a catchy slogan is a great advertising mechanism because consumers may use them as a pun in an everyday conversation, and this is a way of increasing a brand’s recognition.

  2. Creating an impressive slogan is an effective way in marketing. It help a product to show its main feature and therefore, distinguish from competitors. However, it is not easy to make a good slogan. This article is a great guidance of making a slogan. I totally agree that a good slogan should “say a lot with a little”. A simple and creative slogan is easier to memorize.

  3. The slogan of McDonald’s is one of my most impressive slogan. Their funny jingle and tagline made me remember this brand at the first time I saw it. I have to admit that McDonald’s has a very successful slogan and this slogan also can consider as their brand identity. So McDonald’s have a very impressive and successful brand identity. Slogans is one of the most important part of brand. People can memorize and recall a brand easily if this brand has an impressive slogan. Therefore, I am thinking that if I am start my own business in the future, I have to design a simple and memorable slogan for my own brand.

  4. I think having a great slogan is definitely a positive marketing strategy. It helps people quickly recall a company’s product when making purchasing decisions. I think it is important to note, as mentioned in the figure, that good slogans aren’t just memorable, catchy or creative. Good slogans must encompass the essence of the company. That is what makes coming up with a great slogan so difficult. It is a little unsettling that a study found no association between recalling a slogan and a positive feeling toward that product. I felt slogans were helpful toward a company’s marketing strategy, but I guess that was a false idea. Given the data then, it is not surprising that there has been a decline in the use of slogans in the United States. It must take a lot of time and money to come up with a good slogan, and since they appear not to work, there is no use in investing in them when they serve no real function for the company.

  5. An effective advertising slogan helps companies cut through the chatter and get consumer attention quickly. The successful slogan that is memorable and gives an accurate picture of what your business is all about, the slogan becomes an important part of your brand. I prefer Nike that has maintained their slogans for years, the slogan of Nike that encourages customers to reach for their goals. These slogans build a brand identity that sets the company apart, encouraging customers who want to experience the benefits of that brand. So a punchy slogan cuts through the clutter and creates a memorable image in the customers’ minds.

  6. Those goog slogans reminds me that there is a weired TV advertising strategy in Chinese market that typically repeat the slogan over and over again. Those ads makes people feel sick if you saw it too many times but it is in fact very effective. I think the advertising industry is going to be more and more diversed. Product recall and a good taste of advertising should be on the same direction for marketers but the fact is not. Many ads with good taste are not very memorable and many memorable ads have a bad taste.

  7. I personally always remember clever slogans, such as Nike’s “Just Do It” or McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it”. These slogans are either always on our TV’s where we hear them with clever jingles that stay with us or on advertisements that surround us on a daily basis. I think the companies who keep their slogans the same tend to have their targeted audience remember them the most. I definitely agree that the best way to make a slogan successful is through creativity, familiarity with the brand, and clarity of the message, as the picture shows. Marketing to an audience is very successful when the slogans work because consumers will most likely recall the product/ brand much easier when they remember the slogan.

  8. Out of the three main factors that determine whether people like a given slogan, I think the creativity factor is most important. The reason I think this is because being creative means being able to come up with an effective slogan, but being creative enough to make it short and sweet, and to the point at the same time. Of course, clarity of message and familiarity with the brand are important too, but I think those are incorporated into creativity. ZinePak says, “It’s true that the best taglines are simple and memorable…” says, “A tagline needs to say a lot with a little.” I feel that these two statements sum up, very clearly, how to create the perfect slogan and what purpose it should serve. Having a good slogan is such a good marketing strategy because even if a consumer may not be a fan of the good, they are constantly reminded of a brand if the slogan is catchy.

  9. Creating a memorable slogan is a great way to market your good or service. A slogan should always be short, sweet, and to the point. This makes it easier for consumers to remember the slogan and as a result, they will be more inclined to purchase the good or service. The slogan should remind the consumer of the product or service in a positive way. The catchier the slogan, the more likely consumers are to remember it. It is important to be creative and original.

  10. I definitely feel that have a great, catchy, memorable slogan will help out a company or business. Having a slogan that is appealing to the customers will help make their products more memorable. For example when you hear “Just do it.” you automatically think of Nike and all of the products and different things that the company has to offer. When devising a slogan I feel that it is very important to keep it short and sweet. Make it something people will want to remember. Overall slogans can definitely help a company or a business in a major way.

  11. I really agree with the best slogans are memorable and simple. We always remember the simple slogans and brands compared to the more complicated ones. I personally don’t see why M&Ms would be the most liked slogan because M&Ms do melt in your hand. Hahaha.

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